The gods had insisted that virgins must assemble in the Lonely Village to dance.

This dance in the lonely village must be done to appease them.

They have concluded on how to destroy our community if care is not taken.

Villagers must assemble to discuss how to assemble virgins that will embark on this dangerous mission.

According to the chief priest, accessing the centre of the lonely village is a difficult task that must be carried out.

When he was asked how the young maidens will know the centre of the lonely village, he said that the gods will give them a sign.

Dance in the Lonely Village

Journey to the lonely village

The young ladies had assembled at the shrine of the gods. Fortifications were done to get them prepared for what they are to face in the forest.

The Chief priest gave them some concussion to drink. From their reaction, the concussion was bitter.

He also gave every one of them a small stick wrapped with red linen.

The Chief priest told them that the small stick they are holding is a very powerful weapon against evil spirits that will attack them on their way to the lonely village.

Chief priest’s description of the lonely village

The ladies were told that the lonely village is located in the heart of the Ebelebe forest.

Ebelebe forest is a forest known to be the home of the gods. The village was deserted by humans after people never stopped dying.

“It is a cursed village and every human including our ancestors relocated to this place,” the Chief Priest narrated.

Everybody in my community knows the story of the Ebelebe forest and the lonely village.

Anyone who is not aware of this forest is either new or not from this continent.

No one is known to have ever returned from Ebelebe forest alive. Why the gods have chosen to give us this false hope is what I can’t comprehend.

Our community has accepted we offended them, why don’t they kill us all instead of instructing that virgins be sent to the same evil forest no one is known to have returned alive to dance for them.

This is a mockery of humanity. My king so much believed in possibilities so he ordered that 10 virgins should do as the gods had demanded.

Virgins must dance in the centre of the lonely village to appease the heart of the gods.

If this is done, our land shall be cleansed and the sins of the Prince shall be forgiven.

The Prince of my kingdom slept with a woman he fell in love with. Unfortunately, the lady was a member of my community.

My community discourages intra-marriage relationships. Unknown to the prince, he slept with a maiden who is also from my kingdom.

The gods were angry and had promised doom except maidens come to the lonely village to dance for them.

The Lonely Village

After many days of walking in the Ebelebe forest, the maidens already have lost 7 of their comrades.

Conflicts upon conflicts rose amongst them but they remained unified.

No matter the level of disagreement that came up, they never removed their focus on their mission.

They were attacked by many demons that inhabited the evil forest.

In some of the attacks they escaped while in some attacks, some comrades died.

Finally, they have arrived at the lonely village located in the heart of the Ebelebe forest.

Entering the village, one among the three remaining girls was bitten by a giant snake.

The snake attacked the other two but they escaped.

When they got to the centre of the lonely village, sounds known to only come from local drums were heard.

“It is a sign,” the two girls said to themselves.

More sounds were coming up until it formed a rhythm.

The girls had already practised the dancing steps before the journey.

They danced while the music played.

Back in my kingdom, the once dark atmosphere gradually returned to its nature.

It was a sure sign that the ladies had accomplished their mission.

Hours later, the two girls saw themselves dancing at the shrine of the gods which is located in my kingdom.

They stopped dancing after the sound of the music was heard no more.

They were welcomed home and the king, as promised, divided his properties into two and gave the two maidens one of the properties which they shared amongst themselves.

Forever the virgins were honoured. Those who couldn’t make it back to the kingdom, their families were awesomely rewarded.

My community knew peace until the time of the colonial invasion.

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