Always try to invest in your child

Invest in your child and have him/her remain ever grateful to you when he/she can manage his/her affairs.

Every reasonable parent thinks about what to do to secure a better future for his/her child.

This world is dynamic. That is to say, one thing that is constant in life is change.

What was obtainable in the past five years could be obsolete today.

This is why it is very important why you must invest in your children so that they won’t be a problem for our society when they grow up.

Someone said that the best investment one can make is the investment he or she does in the life of someone.

That is to say, investing in the life of a person is much better than any other form of investment.

You don’t have to be rich before you can invest in your child. You don’t also need to be poor before you start thinking of how to invest in your children.

Many parents, especially those living in developed countries, don’t give a damn about investing in their children because they so much believe that the system would always benefit their children when they grow up.

Irrespective of the fact that no one prays for negativity both for the present and future, it is also wrong to believe that things will remain the same forever.

Why you must invest in your child

1. For a better tomorrow

Every reasonable parent would want his or her child to have a better future.

Investing in your children allows them the opportunity to have a better future.

A child who grew up knowing that he can’t suffer in life lives to appreciate his/her parents for a work well done.

2. Become useful

When a child is invested in he/she tends to become useful not just to himself and his family but also to society by extension.

In terms of usefulness, investing in children enables them to understand the importance of making things move smoothly.

3. Societal growth

Investing in children also helps to make society a worthwhile entity.

Children who grew up with a well-preserved lifestyle tend to give better values to society more than children whose parents never did.

A child whose parents did not invest in grows up and sees the world with a different perception.

This perception is negative and disastrous. He might harbour in his mind the thoughts of causing mayhem in the society and so on.

4. Economic independence

You cannot tell me that after my parents invested in me from childhood, I will grow up to start looking for jobs after school. That is a fatal lie.

Investing in children enables them to become economically independent.

Growing up and knowing how much they have in their bank account and the kind of skill they have, they decide to be bosses of their own and lack interest in seeking jobs.

5. Adjust quickly to a dynamic society

Investing in a child enables him to adapt to whatever kind of changes happen in the environment.

Investing in them enables them to be equipped with any change that happens in the environment as long as it regards economic changes.

How can you invest in a child?

There are many ways you can invest in your child. As we all know, investing in an individual means a situation where an action is taken to better the future of an individual.

That is to say, investing in children are an action taken to better the lives of children in future.

Like I pointed out, you can invest in your children as long as a brighter future is what you seek for them.

There are many ways one can invest in his or her child as long as it has to do with bettering his or her future.

Some of the ways you can invest in a child include

  1. Saving up for them
  2. Teaching them a skill
  3. Educating them
  4. Advising them
  5. Opening a business for them and so on.

There are millions of ways you can invest in a child. Let’s take a breakdown of the above 5 child’s investment areas.

1. Saving up for them

One of my neighbours called and said, “hey Nekenwa, with the current situation in our country I am not seeing the possibility of this country improving the life of my son. What do you suggest I do?”

As if he has always been in my mind. Without wasting time, I told him that there are many things he can do for his son and when he grows up he would forever remain grateful to him.

For him to have this kind of intention for his only son means that he has a better plan for his son.

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I reminded him that burning fuel every night was good but he is unwisely using the money.

My neighbour spends close to $3 every night buying fuel for his generator.

I advised him to open an account for his son and ensure that no day passes without him depositing $1 in the account.

My neighbour took my advice and opened an account for his child who was only three months old at the time he came to seek my advice.

Should I tell you that before the child could be up to 18 years his father has saved up twenty million dollars for him unconsciously.

Now, this child can never suffer. His father was an ordinary motorcyclist. He never knew that he could save such a whopping amount of money for his son.

What am I saying in essence? Try opening an account for your children and start saving up for them.

It is a great way of investment. When you invest in your children you are also investing in yourself. The reason is that when you grow old, these children will start taking care of you.

If you don’t invest in them, tell me how possible it will be for them to take care of you when you have aged.

2. Teaching them a skill

Teaching a child a skill is another great way of investing in that child.

This skill could be completely different from what they tend to study in school.

It could be hair barbing, carpentry, mechanics, bead making, fashion design, etc.

Enabling them to acquire skills before they are admitted into universities is a great way of investing in them.

3. Educating them

Education, they say, is the fundamental right of every child. Every child deserves to be educated and education is another way of investing in a child.

Parents should invest in their children by ensuring that they get a better education.

Education would enable them to reason rationally and creatively. They would be endowed with the mindset of creativity through education.

This would also help them to cope very well in society.

4. Advising them

Advising a child is also a good way of investing in the child.

Parents are more experienced as to the changes in society. Advising the child on what to do to survive is a way of investing in the child.

This advice will never escape the child. He tries to put into practice all that he has learnt from you.

5. Opening a business for them

Do you also want your child to be grateful to you when he grows up? Open a running business in his or her name.

This kind of investment is usually common among the rich as they have the money at their disposal to open a business for their unborn or infants.

Notwithstanding, any parent who feels he/she has what it takes to open a business in the name of his/her child should go ahead and do it.

It is a sure working way of investing in a child.


Like I said earlier, investing in a child is a sure way of helping the child become useful in life.

He is not only useful to himself and the family but also the larger society.

Investing in a child helps to keep the world in better shape. Children won’t have the time to start thinking about what to do to cause problems for society and so on.

Invest in a child today and see the difference you have made by tomorrow.

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