A Heart Begging to be Loved

Heart Begging to be Loved

Begging to be loved was what I never stopped doing

I got so frustrated in my days as an undergraduate. Finding true love was an unrealizable tale. Begging to be loved is something I never stopped doing even when I knew I had done nothing wrong. it was disastrously used against me.

Honestly, I begged to be loved. The lady I approached realized this weakness and used it against me.

I fell deeply in love with this particular lady back in the day at school but she never in return loved me.

I tried my very best to make her realize how much I cared about her but she never obliged.

One mistake I made and never stopped making was begging her to love me.

Of Course that mistake I lived to regret it.

She realized how desperate I was to be in a relationship so she decided to say yes to me.

Her yes to my proposal if I must be honest with you, wasn’t from her heart.

The young lady never loved me. All she just wanted to do was to ease herself of my constant disturbance.

By the time she said yes to me, it was as if heaven had heard my prayers.

I was the happiest person on campus. I was proud to introduce myself to my friends as a young man with love.

My life wasn’t the same again ever since she said yes to me. I felt complete and myself once again.

Irrespective of the fact that she doesn’t in any way show that she loves me the same way I do love her, I still tried to manage.

When I begged to be loved after the cold Saturday

It was very cold on that Saturday morning. The cold was so unbearable. Luckily enough, I was already close to my girlfriend’s residence.

I called her to know if she was around and she said no. I felt bad but had a second thought when I saw the door to her apartment partially open.

My thought was that someone had entered her apartment without her permission.

The thoughts of who it was could never stop crossing my mind.

She told me all her family members were living abroad and if any member of her family had returned she would have informed me as her boyfriend.

I decided to check out who exactly entered my girlfriend’s property without her permission.

Before entering, I decided to arm myself with a nearby wood in case of any necessity.

This is where the drama took place

Gradually I entered her apartment in search of the bugler(s).

I went to her kitchen and no one was there. I slowly moved to the bedroom which was located upstairs and behold, I met my girlfriend banging a man I have never seen in my entire life.

“What!” was the only word my mouth could utter at that very moment.

I was left heartbroken and do you know the funny thing? She never called me. Never, she called me.

I visited her apartment after three days and did you know that I walked out of her house?

As stupid and as dumb as I was, I started apologizing and begging to be loved again.

Yes, I begged to be loved again. Should I say that that was the level of love I had for her or should I say that that was how big my stupidity was at that time.

She refused to listen to me and was hellbent to walking me out of her house.

The young lady openly told me that I was foolish and doesn’t deserve her. She reminded me how poor I was and that I can’t fit into her class.

According to her, saying yes to me was the worst mistake she had ever made as a living being.

That was the last time I spoke with her. We never got in touch any longer.

The last and only thing I heard about her was that she was infected with a deadly disease that kept her out of school till we graduated.


Honestly, begging for love isn’t worth it. You deserve better. You are a precious individual and you must treat yourself as one.

Begging for Love or begging to be loved by anyone is a way of belittling your standards. Avoid making the same mistake I made as an undergraduate.

If an individual is interested in you then forget about the person and seek another.

Begging people to love you or begging to be loved simply means that you are cheap.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is making people believe that without them you can’t survive.

Finally, stop begging to be loved. Be proud of who you are.

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