Honestly, people should desist from unpleasant name-calling as this has a very negative effects on children.

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9 Effects of Children's Unpleasant Name-calling

Many parents believe that calling children names that are unpleasant helps in making them stop misbehaving.

Unfortunately, it is wrong for you to think that the best way to correct a child’s mistake is by using abusive words on such a child.

It should be important that I also reveal the fact that children begin their future lifestyles from home.

Calling children unpleasant names does not add anything positive to their lives rather demoralization.

A child who is called an idiot, stupid, animal, goat, rat, etc for his wrongdoings, what do you think would become of that child when he grows up.

Correcting a child in such a manner is very wrong and should be halted with immediate effect.

I would also want to tell or remind you that calling children undesirable names is another form of child abuse. You might not be knowledgeable about this but it is an indisputable fact.

Effects of Unpleasant Name-Calling on Children

It would be interesting if I shared with you some of the negative effects of undesirable name-calling on children.

1. Emergence of Inferiority Complex. A child who is called names that are not worth naming an individual tends to face an inferiority complex.

Inferiority complex is a state of mind by which an individual feels he/she is not worth anything. It makes them feel useless and can’t be useful in anything.

Inferiority complex can make an individual become an introvert. Ordinarily, the child was supposed to be smart, outspoken, etc. But because of the undesirable names people call him, he thinks that what people say he is, that’s truly what he is.

A child loses the love he has for his parents when he hears them call him or liken him to what he is not.

Therefore, it is necessarily important not to call your children by derogatory names or names that are not worth hearing or names an individual is not supposed to bear.

2. Likening themselves to what they are called. Children can be so funny even to the extent of acting like what they are called.

There is a Biblical saying that “there is power in the tongue”. Also, another old saying has it that “names people bear has a great effect on them”.

These sayings are true. I have made a thorough investigation of those statements and I happen to arrive at a concrete positive conclusion.

Names people bear do have a great effect on their personality. It is advisable to be conscious of the name you call your children.

Given the above, feel free to check out names you can call your children.

3. Hatred for the Outside Society. A child who grew up in a family where both parents or family members see him as useless usually becomes a problem for society.

It is said that what a child learns from his family that he takes to the outside society.

Calling child names that aren’t desirable makes him feel bad and this, in turn, affects society.

Members of society join parents to call these children the same unpleasant names.

Imagine seeing or calling your son a king. What do you think the outside world will also see or call him if not king also.

When you see your children as morons, never-do-wells, the outside society will also see them as the same.

Simply put, what you regard your children as would be the same thing the outside society will see them as.

4. Lacking Confidence in Parents. Calling children names that are not worth answering makes the child lack confidence in the parents.

No child would want to share his problems with his parents for reasons being that they don’t trust him either.

Calling a child an idiot, a moron, scaling, stupid, fool etc makes them develop very serious hatred for their parents and this also force them into lacking confidence in their parents.

5. Detest Parents. Like I pointed out earlier in the above point, a child who is regularly called by a name that is not worth answering develops serious hatred for the person calling him that.

When it comes to dealing with the parents, he develops a very serious hatred for the parents.

Parents must therefore try to avoid this at the earliest stage. The reason is that, when a child grows up with extraordinary hate for their parents, there is nothing on this planet Earth that could make him change his mind except the grace of God is upon him.

6. Negative Influence on Others. Negative name-calling drives children into being a bad influence on their peers.

Many of the children who turned out to be a very bad influence on their fellow kids were a result of a bad family upbringing.

A child who learnt how to call elders or his agemates fools might have learnt it from his peers. The big question becomes, where did his peers learn theirs from?

Tracing where they learnt that negative name-calling from, one would notice that it was traceable from their homes.

What your children learn from your home, they take it to the outside society. This is why you must avoid saying or doing certain things in the presence of your child.

7. Life of Rascality. Undesirable name-calling has a very great negative effect as long as children are involved.

It must be avoided at any cost. Sometimes you get to see children who are so rascal in nature.

This is one of the things he learnt from his parents or any of his parents.

Calling a child a name that is not his makes him feel that the world is made up of hostility.

Because at that tender age he (child) cannot forgo things of such nature, they (name-calling) tend to become a part of him which also aids in building his personality.

8. Danger to society. A child who is called by names that are not bearable by humans tends to be a danger to society.

This particular point has been emphasized so much in this discussion.

It is important to note once again that what a child learns from his family, that he also takes to the outside world.

9. Psychological Defect. Psychologically, a child is affected by what he is called. Praising or singing praises to him makes him feel exceptional and would want to do more.

But calling him derogatory names makes him feel inferior and useless.

Effects of Unpleasant Name-calling (short story)

As a Catholic and an Altar Server, I was to serve at Mass on a very good Sunday.

I was the thurifer (someone who swings the thurible which is filled with hot charcoal mixed with incense that causes it to emit smokes of incense scents).

9 Negative Effects of Calling Children Unpleasant Names
A thurifer (source: Facebook)

During consecration (the moment when the Eucharist is blessed), I took the thurible to the priest so that he could add the incense in the hot charcoal and bless it also.

The top of the thurible was refusing to open as I kept on struggling with it.

After waiting for a while and silently watching me struggle with the thurible, the priest told me that I was “useless”.

That word “useless” caused me great psychological trauma. I couldn’t believe the priest could say that to me.

It took me a couple of days to get those words out of my head. Honestly, I never stopped to think about the word.

Though I was able to put the word behind me, the question is, what if I was unable to? It, therefore, means that I will continue to swim in the harsh word or name my parish priest used on me for a little mistake.

To him, what he said was just a word. But for me, it was soul-killing.

It is therefore important know that words of our mouth have a great effect on the people it is unleashed upon.

Carefully choose your words and be apologetic when you have used them wrongly.


Name-calling contributes immensely to a child’s psychological and personality buildup.

It is therefore very very important to make him see himself as someone important not just to himself but also to the outside society. To achieve this, the parents have to therefore sit up in carrying out their responsibilities as responsible parents.

Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful.


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