On Sunday, the 26th of December, 2021 a disturbing news circulated in the Imo environment about the abduction or arrest of Uche Nwosu by Police officers attached to the Imo state government house.

It all happened at St Peter’s Anglican Church at Eziema Obaire in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State when men of the DSS stormed the church in a battle style to arrest Uche Nwosu.

Ugwumba Uche Nwosu was in a thanksgiving service at St Peter’s. The thanksgiving service followed after the burial of his mother.

At St Peter's Anglican Church before Uche Nwosu was arrested
A moment before Uche Nwosu was arrested

While the sermon was ongoing, men of the Nigeria Police stormed the area in a commando-style.

They shot sporadically into the air and arrested the former Chief of staff of Imo state.

Uche Nwosu who also doubles as a one-time Imo state governorship aspirant under the umbrella of AA was thrown into the trunk (booth) of one of the cars they came with.

At the time of his arrest, the news that went viral had it that Uche Nwosu was abducted by assailants.

The reason was that people who came to abduct or arrest him were all wearing masks.

How he was thrown into the trunk of a car further justified this assertion.

Police React to Uche Nwosu’s Arrest

To calm or change the ongoing news content, the Commissioner of Police (CP) issued a short press release.

He claimed that contrary to the news circulating the Imo space, Chief Ugwumba Uche Nwosu was not abducted but rather arrested.

Again, why he was arrested was not obtained in the short press release.

According to him (CP) in the press release, they (the police) are doing everything possible to maintain peace and order in the state.

Rochas Okorocha’s Reaction on the Arrest

The former governor of Imo state and father-in-law to Uche Nwosu, Senator Rochas Okorocha has claimed that Uche was not arrested but abducted.

According to Rochas, he put a call across to the state commissioner of police and the commissioner informed him that the order for the arrest came from above.

He further called the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and to his greatest shock, the IGP was not aware of the arrest.

When asked by pressmen if his son-in-law was released or still in the police coffers, the former governor said that an order was given for his immediate release.

Rochas Okorocha further added that the arrest of his son-in-law was a way drafted by the state government to humiliate his family.

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Okorocha also made it known that there was a video of a young man on handcuffs that was shared on social media to indict Uche Nwosu.

Okorocha added that the young man in question was arrested a long time ago somewhere in Delta State.

All this while, the said young man was prepared to make fake confessions against Uche Nwosu.

Speaking also to the press, Rochas revealed that during the arrest of his son-in-law, his wife, the former first lady of the state was pushed to the ground and his daughter (wife of Uche Nwosu) had her clothes torn as she resisted the arrest of her husband.

Okorocha further recalled that when he (Rochas) was arrested by the police, one of the police officers spoke to him in a Hausa dialect. The officer encouraged him to enter the police Hilux as they had received the order to kill him if he refused to follow them.

The former governor equally said that one Mr Shamba in the police force came for his arrest, that same Shamba was responsible for the shooting of one of his other sons-in-law.

Rochas called on the Buhari led government to call Hope Uzodimma to order as he is part of those damaging the image of the country.

To Rochas Okorocha, what Hope Uzodimma is doing is to find a way to tarnish the image of his family.

Okorocha boasted that the achievements of his administration as governor of Imo state are incomparable to the achievements of both past and present administration of the state.

He claimed that his administration has achieved better positive impacts in the lives of Imolites compared to other administrations.

According to Okorocha, Hope Uzodimma claimed not to be aware of the arrest of his son-in-law. He wondered why police officers would use cars attached to the state government’s security details to arrest his son-in-law.

They went to the government house and changed their vehicle yet the governor claims to be alien to the happening.

The state commissioner for information spoke to newsmen about the arrest of Uche Nwosu lambasting Rochas Okorocha’s interview and yet the state government claims not to be aware of the arrest of Uche Nwosu.

Okorocha further added that he never bothered any of his predecessors when he was a governor as a result, he wouldn’t want anyone to bother his family for any reason whatsoever.

Uche Nwosu’s Reaction

Uche Nwosu who was released barely 24 hours after his arrest at Eziema Obire in Nkwerre Local Government Area, stated that there was no court order for his arrest.

He also said that contrary to the police statement he was never invited by the police for questioning.

The police had earlier claimed of inviting Nwosu for questioning but he never honoured any of the invitations.

Nwosu had claimed that such a statement was false. He had not received any phone call, text message, letter or any form of message of invitation by the police.

To him, he was surprised that the police desecrated the Holy place of God and immediately ousted him from the church service.

The way and manner in which he was bundled out of the church created the impression that he was kidnapped.

Nwosu also added that those who arrested him took him to the government house where they changed their car. They moved him into a black car with just five police officers.

In the car, his clothes were removed and he was handcuffed. A picture of him was taken and sent to the state government house.

Uche Nwosu arrested
his clothes were removed and he was handcuffed. A picture of him was taken and sent to the state government house

They drove from Imo state to Enugu where they already had a private jet waiting for them to fly him straight up to Abuja.

At Abuja, his immediate release was ordered by the Inspector General of Police.

Currently, Uche Nwosu has regained his freedom.

Uche Nwosu finally free from police coffers
Moments Uche Nwosu regained his freedom


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