The Over-pampered Child (+ 3 side effects)

An over-pampered child receives exceptional treatments. Such treatments are in ways of supporting, encouraging, petting etc behaviours that might end up being harmful to him or her.

Pampering a child is not bad but when a child is over-pampered, the resultant effect is usually destructive.

Some time ago in my former neighbourhood, a woman who was barren for 12 years was later blessed with a son.

Because he was the only child God blessed her marriage with, she decided to ensure that he gets everything he asks for.

The over-pampered son under the care of his mother was gradually growing into becoming a nuisance.

His father has had an uncountable number of fights with his mother because of him.

On many occasions when his father wants to punish him for an offence, his mother would rise against his father.

She would accuse her husband of wanting to kill the only thing that gives her joy.

The overpampered child grew up to of course become a menace. He raped, stole and committed many atrocities.

Each time his case was brought to his parents, his mother would always stand in his defence.

This continued until a very good day when his father was out for work. The over-pampered child drugged his mother. She slept for several hours.

When she finally woke up, she noticed that she was naked. Her son was also naked and lying very close to her.

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The woman broke out in tears. She woke the boy up and asked “what have you done?”.

The unremorseful over-pampered child said, “mom, you are so sweet. I can’t believe that this is what daddy enjoys”.

At this juncture, the woman came to realize that she was the cause of her predicament.

The overpampered child stood up from the bed, entered his room while the mother watched him heartbroken.

Her husband came back and found his wife dead. She was rushed to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that she had died.

It was confirmed that she took hard drugs and committed suicide.

The Over-pampered Child (3 side effects)

Side effects of an over-pampered child

1. Societal nuisance: An over-pampered child turns out to become a headache for society. This is because he is not taught the right morals upheld by society.

2. Bounce back on parents: Children who are over-pampered by their parents usually turn back at them.

From the above story, one can attest to the fact that the young man raped his mother.

If the young boy was not there to say to the mother all that he said after she regained herself, she wouldn’t have believed that her son could rape her.

Children who are overly pampered by their parents turn around to become a huge problem for them.

3. Personal problem: Not neglecting is the fact that children who find themselves in this situation usually develop problems for themselves.

On many occasions, they feel that the way they are being treated by their parents, that is the same way the outer society would treat them.

These thoughts make them fall into temptations of doing things that they presume to be normal but to the outside society, it is abnormal.

In Summary

An over-pampered child ends up to become a menace not just to himself and the family but also for the world at large.

As a parent, it is your duty to care for your children and not to over pamper them.

Over pampering is not love or care but a tool for self-destruction.

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