Josephine called on the phone during Christmas and said “Yes” to my proposal.

Well sorry to disappoint her, I’ve already changed my mind. I am not ready to be in a relationship with a lady whose main concern is to squander my hard-earned resources.

Josephine is a beautiful girl I met in college. Over the years I’ve had my eyes on her. Though I noticed that not just more than one man has come her way.

How She Said "Yes" During Christmas

They said love is blind. I think that was the actual reason why I couldn’t stop loving her.

During Good Friday this year (during April), I was bold enough to make a move.

I told her that I was in love with her but lacked the balls to approach her.

She looked at me from my hair to my toes and started laughing.

She was laughing at me and went back inside. She locked the door before me and I wondered what level of embarrassment that was.

I knocked again and again. When she couldn’t bear the knocks on the door, she fiercely opened the door and said “if you ever knock at my door again, I shall ensure that you sleep in the police cell”. She banged the door again and this time, it was clear to me that I was wasting my time all this while.

Shamefully and disappointedly, I left her apartment and headed back home.

I decided within myself never to phone her ever again.

What she did During Christmas

It was on Christmas Eve that I had my phone ringing. It was Josephine. Though I’ve never had the number again after the shocking disappointment at her place. How she got mine surprised me.

She requested we don’t discuss how she got my number but rather focus on why she was calling me.

Josephine told me that she has finally thought into my relationship request with her and she has decided to give it a try.

It sounded funny to me. She never knew what she made me pass through all through the Easter season. She now said yes to me during Christmas. “Something is fishy,” I said to myself.

Because the next day was Christmas, we had a Christmas date.

Since I love to keep things simple, regardless of my new status, we decided to meet at a very simple restaurant.

I got there before her and waited for about 20 minutes or so.

She came and wasn’t apologetic. To her, it was supposed to be the nature of every man to arrive early on occasions and wait for their dates.

I smiled when she started that particular topic. Though I was not interested in the topic, I called the waitress.

She started mentioning assorted drinks that she knows aren’t sold in the restaurant. Such kinds of drinks can be gotten from classy restaurants.

Finally, Josephine decided to come low and request what could be obtainable in the restaurant.

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She queried me for bringing her to what she tagged a “low life” restaurant irrespective of my new social status.

How news flies. She now knows that I own a multi-million dollar company here in New Jersey.

I told her that I was still okay with my simple lifestyle.

She acted like she was fine with it. Josephine asked for the Christmas gift she requested from me.

I forgot to add, she requested a car as a Christmas present during our conversation on the phone.

Without wasting any time, I brought out a small fine wrapped box and gave it to her. I said “Merry Christmas” while I pushed the little box to her.

She was so quick to open with much anticipation. In the box, what she found left her dumbfounded.

It was a piece of paper that boldly read “I DON’T DATE FESTIVE GIRLFRIENDS”.

I took my suit which was placed on the seat to my left and told her to find a man that can accommodate her quest for material things. I was not that kind of person.

Immediately, I left the restaurant and she was soaked in tears.

Simple grabbable morals

  • Never you think that one would remain in square one forever.
  • Don’t disregard people for their present situation.
  • Believe in the world’s dynamism
  • Learn to be approachable


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