The comedian and the brain behind Nekenwa Stories TV had gone ahead to share a one minute video of what Christmas should be like.

In the short video shared on YouTube, Saviosantos made it clear that Christmas is a season of love.

He said that one is expected to give God all the glory for the season of Christmas.

Continuing, Saviosantos said that it was not necessary to eat rice. The major reason to thank God for Christmas is the possibility of seeing a new Christmas. That is to say, you should thank God for making it possible for you to see a new Christmas.

Saviosantos and Christmas

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Unfortunately, many believe that Christmas cannot be properly celebrated if no chicken was killed. Strongly opposing this assertion, Saviosantos said that what was more important was to be happy and not the rice.

People fail to appreciate God for making them see another day that brought life to mankind.

The birth of Christ brought about so much happiness to mankind as their sins were washed away by the blood of the man who was born on Christmas day.

Saviosantos made it clear that crying because there was no money to buy rice or chicken was blasphemous.

It is unwise to instead of being thankful to God for a new Christmas you are busy crying for something you eat almost every day.

Christmas is an occasion that comes once a year and eating rice and chicken is something you do almost every day. So crying because there was no money available for this particular Christmas, such a person doesn’t deserve anything good.

The CEO went ahead to appreciate all that have been watching his videos and also encouraged them to subscribe.


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