A man on social media has gone ahead to share the story of how he saved another man from commiting suicide.

According to the narrator, it was gathered that he picked a laptop bag. Inside the bag contained a laptop, a diary and a 12 wages envelope.

The good Samaritan called the number he saw in the bag and it was the owner at the other end of the line.

According to him, the owner of the phone was in great tears. He confessed that he has concluded on the plans of committing suicide.

He said no one believed him when he told them he lost the bag. Also to note, very important information about his company was also included in the lost but found laptop bag.

How A Man Was Saved From Suicide

The narrator has claimed that the owner of the bag came to pick up the bag a day after the bag was found.

In this life, it is really good to be good. You wouldn’t know who you are saving only by doing good to that person.

Thank God for the life of this good Samaritan. No one knows what would have become of the man who lost the bag if the bag was not later found.

Giving the bag back to the owner, enabled the bag owner to retain his job. Equally he never took his life as he once planned.

No matter what happens, never stop being good. In many ways you are building your own life and helping others to grow in love and unity.

Below, is the story of the good Samaritan unedited.

“Yesterday i picked up a laptop bag with a laptop and a diary, with 12 wages envelopes fully packed . I phone the number on the diary the guy was in tears he just came to pick it up he told me he was go kill himself becoz no one believes him. I saved his job n life. Be good”

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