Dr Cho Ayaba, the leader of the Ambazonian freedom fighters has on Saturday sent his Christmas felicitations to Amazonians and Biafrans.

Dr Ayaba is the brain behind the seeking for the freedom of Ambazonians from the shackles of the Cameroonian government.

Amnazonian and Biafra are two unrecognized countries that already have signed treaties on recognition.

Mery Christmas to my Ambazonian and Biafran compatriots. In our darkest moments, take solace in the fact that others had been here before us; through struggle and sacrifice leaders walked out of jail, people gained their freedom and hope given to millions. We shall prevail.

Cho Ayaba (President, Ambazonia Governing Council)
Dr Cho Ayaba felicitates with Ambazonians and Biafrans on Christmas Day.

The two states which are yet to be granted freedom from their evil tormentors have allied.

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Biafra and Ambazonia share ideas to seek complete emancipation from their evil holders.

Biafra seeks freedom from the Nigeria terror government while Ambazonia seeks freedom from the failing Cameroon.

Nnamdi Kanu who is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra is currently incarcerated in the Nigerian dungeon.

Efforts have been made to force him into denying what he believes but to Kanu, is either to give him Biafra or death.

Since the kidnap of Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya on the 16th of June and repatriated to Nigeria on the 26th of June, the Directorate of States (DOS) of the IPOB have been shouldered with the responsibility of minding the IPOB affairs in the absence of its leader.

Dr Cho Ayaba has commended all who have stood their ground in these trying times. He encouraged both Biafrans and Ambazonians to keep pushing as their freedom is already close.


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