7 Dangers Involved in Beating a Child

Many parents have resulted in beating a child or beating their children as the best way to correct their mistakes.

Honestly, if I must say, beating a child can never give you the lasting solution to a problem.

A child whose mistake is corrected with love stays away from repeating such a mistake than a child who was beaten for making a mistake.

Too many dangers arise when you beat a child for a particular mistake.

Though, these dangers don’t come up immediately. They grow to form or become an aspect of the child’s life.

When they are fully ripe, they begin to manifest one after the other.

There is a family in my village. In this family, the best method their parents apply in correcting their mistakes is by punishing them severely.

A child who made a little mistake would be beaten like a hardened criminal either by the father or by the mother.

As the children grew up, they started getting used to their parents’ form of punishment.

When the child wants to commit a crime he would say “after all, what would my parents do if not to beat me”.

It was on a very good day when this same child committed an offence. His father rose as usual to beat him and the boy gave him the unimaginable caution of his life. “If you ever raise your hands on me I will show you what fire does to the ears of a stubborn rat” he warned.

His father became so scared of the thunderous warning coming directly from his 13-year-old son.

After that very day and the very incident, his father lost his respect towards the boy.

There was nothing that they say that he listens to. The parents no longer had any control of the boy any longer.

7 Dangers Involved in Beating a Child a must know

Dangers involved in beating a child

1. Used to Beating: A child who is used to beating will bounce back just like the boy in the story.

Beating a child, to me, is not the right approach to helping a child develop a good way of life.

Some parents hide under the guise that they are trying to inculcate in the child good behaviour. Honestly, beating a child doesn’t inculcate any good behaviour but rather it prepares them to become dangerous.

They become dangerous not just to themselves but also to you and the entire society at large.

2. Devalues a parent: Just like the boy in the story. His warning to the father against beating him indicates the fact that he has lost his respect for the father.

He can boldly deny his father both in the open and in secret.

A parent who loses his value among any of his children has failed as a parent.

It is therefore very important that every parent do whatever it takes to retain and sustain their love from their children.

3. Breaks relationship between children and parents: Beating a child also plays the role of breaking relationships between parents and their children.

Problems emanate the moment there is a gap or leak in the relationship between children and their parents.

Children tend to develop this form of fear for their parents, the reason being that their parents are so hostile to them.

Being hostile to them fosters a breakup in the child and parent’s relationship.

4. Inculcates hostility in the child: Undeniably, a child who is always beaten develops this form of hostility in him or her.

When you grow up in a family where your mistakes are only corrected by whips and name-calling, you would understand what I am saying.

Such a child faced with this form of treatment also would be made to believe or accept that beating is the only way of correcting mistakes.

Have you wondered why we have bullies in schools? 89% of children who bully their fellow children are children from homes where parents regard beating a child as the best way to correct their mistakes.

5. Beating is the only solution to problems: Like I pointed out earlier, children who are brought up in families like this tend to believe that the only way to correct mistakes is to also beat others.

When a child develops this kind of mindset it, therefore, means that our society is finished.

We complain about children turning out to become societal problems and we parents are finding it difficult to look into the root cause of those problems.

6. Creates inferiority complex among children: pointing out here also is the fact that beating a child constantly makes them develop an inferiority complex.

To them, there is nothing that they do that is right. Even when they are faced with the right thing, they won’t do it with the fear of not being beaten for a mistake.

At this point, one can attest to the fact that they are now finding it difficult to differentiate between right and wrong.

To them, they don’t know what is right and what is wrong to avoid being beaten up by their parents.

7. Ready to fight back: Beating a child prepares him for a future “return fight“.

A child who has constantly beaten harbours in his mind hatred for the parent who derives joy in beating them in the name of correcting their mistakes.

Such revenge may not come instantly but with time it shall come into fruition.

If a child challenges or confronts his father or mother’s approach to correcting their mistakes for the very first time, then know that they are now ready to directly or indirectly unleash on their parents what they have kept in stock for them.


Beating a child shouldn’t be the best way to correct a child’s mistake. Learn to correct them with love so that the relationship between you and them would be maintained.

Beating them helps them to start feeling that you are an enemy. By the time they start retaliating, it won’t end well.

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