Relationship Between Children and Christmas

Yep, the relationship between children and Christmas is second to none.

Christmas is a joyful season. According to the Catholic calendar, it is one of the seasons when all Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Over the years the season of Christmas has been held in high esteem all over the world (dominated by Christians).

Our major concentration on this post will be on how Christmas is celebrated in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, before we continue with the relationship between children and Christmas, let’s look at how Christmas is so much upheld in Nigeria.

Nigerians and Christmas

Irrespective of the fact that Christmas is a day or season of love and a worthwhile season, how our parents have made us feel about this season is also causing more problems among children and youths.

In Christian dominated part of Nigeria, almost all special occasions are kept to be celebrated during the Christmas period.

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This period is when people from all walks of life come home to enjoy themselves with their families and friends.

Because many people do come back home during this festive season, many aline themselves with illegal activities just to prove a point.

Some end up stealing to prove to the people in the village or people at home that their long stay outside the home wasn’t a waste.

In some situations, people relegate to money rituals to prove to the villagers that their stay outside the home wasn’t a waste.

Children also grow up with this mentality. To them (children) this season is a very special season where one must look exceptional damning the consequences.

Through whatever means the money was made isn’t necessary. What is more important is for the money to be made and to prove to the people in the village that your stay in the city wasn’t a waste.

Relationship Between kids and Christmas

Children’s relationship with Christmas

Because parents have made children believe that it is only during Christmas that they are allowed to wear new clothes, new shoes, eat chicken and so on, children have resorted to waiting patiently for this season to come.

If parents don’t fulfil their responsibility of buying new clothes, shoes and toys for their children during the Yuletide, the children end up concluding in their hearts that their parents were incompetent.

This is one of the things that push parents into going the extra mile to ensure that their children look like other children during the Christmas period.

Because parents have made their children believe that Christmas is one exceptional day that every child must wear new clothes, it has moved on from generation to generation.

Stopping it now would be medicine after death. But it can still be stopped, however.

Ending “must be rich” emphasis for Christmas

Parents can help the children drop the idea of “must-have this or that” during festive seasons. It can only be possible if;

  • They (parents) stop seeing Christmas as a season to have everything.
  • Christmas should be seen as a season of love and care.
  • They can educate their children on the meaning and benefits of Christmas.
  • Parents can educate their children on the dangers of seeing Christmas differently from its true meaning.

Christmas Presents

Every child should be given a Christmas present (when available). It is wrong to celebrate Christmas on sad notes simply because you were unable to buy your children new Christmas gifts.

Christmas presents are great for every child at least it makes them feel exceptional. It is also important that I remind you that children give more emphasis on Christmas presents pending the level of training you have given to them based on the actual meaning of Christmas.

This festive season is such that every child would love to appear in new regalia. What happens when the parents don’t have money to buy one for them?

Problems emanate between parents. Sometimes they think that they are incapacitated.

Making yourself feel this way allows the child the opportunity to capitalize on the fact that you are not able to perform your duty as a parent.

During Christmas season

Please Note: I am not saying that buying Christmas presents for your kids is bad. All that I am saying is that, stop making the children feel that it is a season that they must get anything they want or die trying to get such a thing only to impress others.

Treat your children well during the Yuletide season. Make them understand the real reason for the celebration of the Nativity (birth) of Christ.

To start putting this in order, start now that they are still young and tender.

Hope this was helpful……

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