The reasons why children feel useless cannot be far fetched from how they are seen or treated by both parents and elders.

A child who has a destroyed or annoying childhood tends not to do well when he becomes an adult.

Reasons Why Children Feel They Are Useless

Making a child feel that he is useless as a great negative effect when he becomes older.

This is why it has been made known to both parents and guardians to be conscious of what or how they treat children.

A child who thinks that his/her parents are not supportive of his achievements will feel bad. To him, he is not useful. This is one of the reasons why children feel that they are useless.

1. Lacking Encouragement:

This is one of the reasons why children feel they are useless. When they do something and are not encouraged.

They feel bad and would never want to try again.

When a child does something nice he should be appreciated for such achievement to encourage him/her into wanting to do more exploits.

2. Hostility at some mistakes:

That a child made a mistake doesn’t call for hostility. There are ways to correct a child without making them feel that they are useless.

The worst thing you can do to someone is say or do something that would push them into committing suicide.

A child who is continuously bullied or hated would want to commit suicide.

To him, he does not belong to this world, so he has no reason to continue living.

When a child starts thinking of committing suicide, it means that such a child believes that he/she is useless.

As one of the reasons why children feel that they are useless, parents and guardians should learn to correct children’s mistakes with love and not hostility.

Correcting them with love makes them feel belonged. They come to understand that what they did was wrong and learn to do better next time.

Being hostile to them makes them feel that they deserve death for the mistake they did and would be seeing themselves as people who can’t do anything better.

3. Can’t be like other children

When a child starts feeling that he can’t be like other children he begins to feel that he is useless. This simply means that the child is developing insufficiency in what he or she has.

Parents must intervene urgently in matters like this. If no urgent attention is drawn to this case, such a child might end up growing up to become a menace.

He would want to acquire anything and everything not minding the consequences.

4. No Attention

Any child who lacks the attention of his parents ends up a problem for society.

When a child feels that he is useless, he tries to do things that will make him useful. He might at the end of the day make up his mind to become a social nuisance.

Parents should always make sure that they pay attention to the needs of their children.

Sidelining the emotions and needs of these children doesn’t turn out well in later life. It is therefore a very serious matter.

Parents should always make sure that they give listening ears to the needs of their children.

5. Name-calling

Children feel that they are useless because their parents make them believe that they are useless.

One of the reasons why children feel that way is because parents who are supposed to make them feel exceptional are the ones killing their morale.

Calling children unpleasant names makes them suffer from emotional problems. They find it difficult to settle when they make them feel that giving birth to them was by a mistake.

Name-calling children are very very bad and parents must desist from it.

I know of a community in Nigeria where parents lay unnecessary heavy curses on their children for making little mistakes.

A child might fall from the table and you would hear the mother reigning curse on the child.

It amounts to one of the reasons why children feel that they are useless and shouldn’t have been born in the first place.

6. No care or affection

Another reason why children feel that they are useless is your inability to make them feel loved.

Preferential treatments shouldn’t be welcomed in any family that wishes to be happy and together.

Making others feel special and making others feel useless and hated is a sure way of family destruction.

A child whose parents don’t show love and affection usually believe that he/she is useless and can never be like his/her siblings that are greatly loved.

No matter what is wrong with that child, never in any way suggest to them or make them feel that they are useless.

Show love and care to all your children irrespective of sex, colour, age etc.


Parents should understand the fact that children are exceptional gifts from God. Making them believe that coming to this world was by mistake are you failing at your responsibility as a parent.

Make your children feel equal and respectful to each other. When such a family grows in this manner, trust me, you are bound to make a good home.


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