Nigeria celebrate Murderers of EndSars Protesters

Endsars protesters were murdered at Lekki tollgate

Recent happenings in today’s Nigeria have proven the fact that the system is celebrating the murderers of the EndSARS protesters.

A long time ago before the 20th of October, 2020, Nigerian youths staged a Nationwide protest which was a protest against the brutality they suffered from security forces.

Nigerian youths cried to the federal government about the police brutality they faced especially from the now disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

SARS is a unit under the command of the Nigerian Police Force, NPF. Their major function was to tackle the problem of cultism and robbery in Nigerian society.

An aberration to the reason why they were formed, the members of the SARS unit saw their position as an ample opportunity to steal, and destroy lives and properties.

No one can differentiate a cultist from a SARS official because their outfit and behaviours were never different.

When they come to your house to arrest someone you will think that cultists have come to arrest their fellow cultists whom they perceive to be a threat to their cult group.

For many years, SARS continued with its evil acts against innocent Nigerian youths.

To SARS, if you are seen with an expensive phone, cloth, car etc you are a criminal.

They would arrest you, take you to an unknown destination (which of course is not the police station). There you will be forced to withdraw all the money in your account and give it to them.

If you are unfortunate, they will instantly cut your life short (kill you).


In the year 2021, Nigerian youths became fed up with the unconstitutional activities of the SARS. This happened after the death of a young boy in the Ekiugbo section of Ughelli, Delta State whom the SARS tagged a “Yahoo boy”.

The #endsars protest started from Delta state and became a welcome situation all over the country.

Youths and celebrities all over Nigeria protested for the disbandment of SARS and also called for the immediate resignation of the former Inspector General of Police, IGP, Adamu Mohammed.

It was noticed that he was incompetent when it come to the discharge of his duties as the IG of the Nigerian Police Force.

The protest lasted for about 10 days or more without the federal government deeming it necessary to address the problem plaguing the young citizens of the country.

On the 20th of October, 2020, the unimaginable happened. The military men went on a happy shooting at citizens protesting at the Lekki tollgate.

These sporadic shootings led to the death of many Nigerians. This true story was declared a fake story by the military.

To worsen the whole case, Lai Mohammed, the Minister for Communication, claimed that no shooting took place. He said that the only place where the shooting took place was on social media.

The whistleblower, Obianuju Catherine Udeh popularly known as DJ Switch made a Live Instagram video of the tragic event at the Lekki tollgate.

The Nigerian government claimed the contents of the video were doctored and had no atom of truth in it.

DJ Switch fled to the United Kingdom after there was an attempt to eliminate her for broadcasting or telling the whole world the real truth of what transpired at the Lekki tollgate.

The Nigerian government kept on denying the fact that nobody was killed at the Lekki tollgate. They said the soldiers only fired blank bullets and no one was harmed.

To shame, the federal government and more especially, Lai Mohammed, the Lagos State Panel on the EndSARS protest after many months of sitting, came up with a conclusion on the 15th of November, 2021 that people were murdered at the Lekki tollgate.

You can’t also believe that the Nigerian government has equally promoted the Soldier that commanded the troops that saw to the death of citizens at the Lekki tollgate.

This promotion took place just three days after the Panel came up with their findings.

By implication, the government is not interested in whatever the panel came up with and their proffered suggestions.

At the time of sharing this story, nobody was arrested or sacked for having a hand in the murder of citizens who were only clamouring for a better Nigeria.

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