Black Friday: Man Loses Only Son To A Deep Well

Man Loses Only Son To Deep Well water

Mr Sunday Aghalu has lost his only son to a deep well in Rivers state.

In Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers state, a man was reported to have lost his only son to a deep well after returning home to meet no one.

Sunday and his wife were said to have gone to the farm on Friday morning while their only son, 8, was said to have gone to school.

It happened to be that the nuclear family are the only ones that live in the very large compound.

According to Mr Sunday, they tried as much as possible to return before noon which is the time they expect their son to return home.

Around 12:30 pm, Mr and Mrs Sunday returned home and wondered why their son had not returned from school.

They waited till 1:30 pm and there was no sign of him. Such a thing has not happened before according to the father of the deceased.

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He decided to visit his son’s school to know what could be keeping the school from closing.

Still, in his dirty farm clothes, Mr Sunday went to his son’s school and it was confirmed by the school headmaster that the school vacated for the weekend at 11:30 am and all pupils left immediately.

This became a serious problem for Mr Sunday. He went to the homes of his family and friends and never met his son.

He decided to go back home to take his bath and initiate a very serious search for his missing son.

When he got home, he went straight to the deep well to fetch water which he could use to take his bath.

Getting close to the deep well, he noticed that it was open. Steps closer to the well, he noticed also that the rope and the bucket used for fetching water were nowhere around the well.

Black Friday: Man Loses Only Son To A Deep Well

On getting to the well, a shout followed suit. His missing son drowned in the deep well.

He quickly sought a ladder which he used to enter the well and start bringing him out.

They tried every possible means to resuscitate the 8-year-old boy, but unfortunately, he was long dead.

According to Mr Sunday, the 8-year-old boy was a blessing to his family after 12 years of barrenness.

How he came back home and went to the well knowing fully well that he can’t fetch water from the deep well remains a staggering question that no one has an answer to.

According to the laws of the land, no one drowned by water is expected to be buried outside the riverside where he/she died.

The 8 years old boy was buried around the deep well that same day after some rituals were done and the deep well was completely covered and never will it be used again.

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