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What makes life worth living can be beyond what you feel about it. On some occasions, you conclude that the best way to end your worries is by giving up.

Unfortunately, giving up is never an option. Cowards quit situations that they know that at the end of the day they will emerge victoriously.

Due to fear, people find it difficult to face the challenges of life.

Many things make life worth living. They include a lot of things and the earlier you start noticing them, the better the chances you have to continue living long.

Any man who kills himself before his maker calls for him is nothing but a coward and will end in hell.

Trust me, hell isn’t the best place you think would be best for you.

This world is so beautifully created that it has everything that makes life worth living.

8 things that make life worth living

8 Things That Makes Life Worth Living

1. Your friends and Family

As to what makes life worth living, friends and family are never left out. With your friends and family, you feel belonged.

Your friends engage you in many social activities which helps to make you appreciate the joy of living.

Your family also, on the other hand, gives you the exceptional joy you would ever want.

You will notice that when you travel for a long time, you will always be eager to meet up with your family again.

A family reunion is one big thing that happens in the life of everyone and it brings a lot of changes and exceptional feelings to the individual involved.

2. Ability to love

Your ability to love and be loved is also one of the things that make life worth living.

Imagine a world where no one cares about you or a world where you don’t feel belonged. That alone is enough weapon for suicide.

But because you can see people who love you and you are also able to fall in love, life becomes such a great thing that it is worth experiencing.

3. Man’s creativity

Innovations and inventions of ideas have also added to the beauty of creation hence making life worth living.

With the invention of things like aeroplanes, trains, phones, computers, etc, life is now worth it to live in.

Seeing all these things made by man has added positivity to life hence making life worth living.

4. Beauty of the world

The beauty of the world as it is designed by God has added to the act of making life worth living.

When you travel around the world you will come to understand that it would be a wrong idea to take your own life.

This world is so beautifully created and God made everything to be under the control of man hence making life worth living for man.

Whatever man desires he gets it. That was how it was meant to be. But because of the evil nature of man’s desires which are opposite to his creation, it is now difficult to see any reason why you should continue living.

The beauty of the world as it was made by God is proof of God’s desire to make life worth living for man.

5. Ability to socialize

When you can socialize with people it allows you the opportunity to be happy as a living being.

No man is an island, that is to say, no one can exist without the availability of his fellow man. As no country can exist without socializing with other countries so it also affects man.

This life becomes a worth living phenomenon when one can socialize with his fellow man.

6. Availability of Food

Food is another source of life. If food doesn’t exist how would one survive? The availability of food is yet another reason why life is worth living.

Before the day runs out you can eat something and so on. This enables one to continue living and expecting a better tomorrow.

7. Funny world

Things that happen in society are part of the things that make one find it difficult to quit living.

So many fun activities and so on play a great role in making life worth living.

When you are sad and you get yourself engaged with things that make you happy, how on Earth do you think that you will be sad or want to quit life?

8. Existence of God

Finally, the continuous existence of God has played a great role in making life worth living.

His ability to do things that remains mysterious to both man and science gives an individual reason to continue living.

God as the creator of mankind is never bored and He created the world in such a way that boredom was completely removed.

The existence of God alone makes life worth living before other aspects of His creation can be added.


There is every reason for you to live because this life was created to be worth its existence. You shouldn’t kill yourself because of any reason.

Your ability to hold on and pressure on will splash on you the reasons why life is worth living.

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8 Great Things That Make Life Worth Living