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Why it is wrong to hurt someone that loves you

To love someone is normal but it is abnormal to hurt someone that loves you.

Have you ever placed yourself in the shoes of the person you are hurting?

Imagine you told someone that you love him/her and at the end of the day that same person is the person wanting you to die.

It is just like fighting for someone and the person at your back is backstabbing you.

Someone who loves you doesn’t deserve to be hated. Such a heart is rare to find and must be treated with equal love.

Hurting someone that loves you is nothing but an act of wickedness.

My love for Daniella (story)

I fell in love with Daniella in school. Everything about her was nice to me. I made the approach and funny enough, she was already falling for me but waiting for me to make the move.

Just like expected, the lady will love you but would allow you to approach her first. The reason for that is to enable them (ladies) to maintain their pride as ladies.

Daniella accepted to be my girlfriend and it all started on a good slate.

A few weeks later, Daniella started putting up with some unacceptable behaviour.

I noticed that her attitude towards me had changed overnight. Without wasting any further time, I decided to confront the problem now that it was still fresh.

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She told me that she was tired of the relationship and would want to be alone for the time being.

Daniella said that she was not ready to be in any other relationship as our current relationship is affecting her personal life.

According to her, she said that she couldn’t continue because she was having this feeling that the relationship wasn’t yielding anything positive for her.

I tried as much as possible to control the heartbreak which I just faced. But because I hate to be the reason why people are unhappy, I decided to allow her to have what she wanted.

We broke up even without us having any carnal knowledge of ourselves.

Two days later after we broke up

It was exactly two days after Daniella and I broke up. I saw her in a grocery shop with a young man whom I presumed to be around his late 40s.

I went close to make her understand that I was also at the same shop. To me, the young man was one of her relatives.

To my greatest shock, the young man was her new boyfriend. She introduced him to me that Mr Mike was her boyfriend and she told Mike that I was her ex.

Mike was bold enough to tell me that breaking up with Daniella was the greatest mistake I made as an individual.

That statement alone got me upset adding to the wound that was just opened again.

I decided to control the burning anger and left the grocery shop.

To me, my relationship with Daniella was causing her a lot of distractions that’s why she wanted a break. Unknown to me that behind our relationship, she was already in another serious relationship.

She just came up with the excuse so that she can freely move around with Mike.

I came to the understanding that it was because of my inability to provide her with her basic needs.

She left me for another man because I lacked the financial capabilities to take care of her.

Though I’ve vowed never to love again but to rather seek for financial breakthrough. By the time I’ve achieved this, I don’t think having one particular girlfriend would be a nice idea.

Hurting someone that love you

Because of the heartbreak faced by this young man, one can understand fully well that he has concluded at becoming a serious problem for our society.

His conclusion of becoming a philanderer after he must have accumulated wealth is a result of being hurt by the woman he so much cherished.

Hurting the heart that cherishes you is very bad because it has a negative effect not just on the broken heart but also on society at large.

After all, the conclusion arrived at would have a hurting aspect on our society.

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Why it is wrong to hurt someone that loves you