One faithful evening my mom returned from the market and brought out this leaf from her bag.

She said the name was Pigweed and it has many nutritional benefits.

Living a Healthy Life With Pigweed

To us, the said pigweed is a leaf that we cut out and destroy as an ordinary weed. For my mom to come back from the market and tell us that this same weed was good for our health is funny.

This same leaf is seen as a weed and recently, during the “Labour period” in my school, it was the most seen weed among others and of course, destroyed.

My mom came back and told us (her children) that she has for a long time searched for the pigweed.

I told her that many of the said nutritious leaves are scattered all over my school field.

My mom told me to bring home as many as I can making sure I uprooted them from the root.

The reason for that is so that she can replant them in our garden to save her the resource and stress of searching for them in the market.

My mom said that Pigweed is so nutritional that it also contains many nutritional values of meat, fresh fish and egg.

To her, the leaf is good for the brain, better digestion and so on.

I took my time to make more enquiries about the highly-rated Pigweed leaf, lo and behold, the leaf was a complete example of what my mom said it was.

What is Pigweed?

Pigweed, also known as amaranth, is a family of plants with a wide variety of wild and domesticated species that exist all over the Americas. Some of these plants are known as careless weed, keerless weed, redroot, tumbleweed, quelite (Kindscher 1987: 19), wild beet (Angier [2008] 1974: 82) waterhemp (Steckel 2004), Kampala, blood, Cuautla (Sauer 1950b: 564), and callaloo (National Research Council and Policy and Global Affairs Division 2006: 37), depending on the regions in which they grow.

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How my mother prepared it

From what I’ve read online, the nutritional leaf can be prepared in any available way.

For the sake of this story, I shall share how it was prepared by my mother.

For the very first time I tasted it, my mom prepared it in the form of a porridge yam.

She cooked the yam after peeling off the outer layer. While the yam boiled for some time, she added every needed ingredient like red oil, salt, pepper, onion, crayfish, smoked fish, etc. Finally, she added the pigweed after thoroughly washing it with clean water and salt.

My goodness! Eating this meal was something else. Since the time my mom used pigweed to prepare our meal, we rarely used any other form of vegetable to prepare our food.

You wouldn’t want to continuously miss out on the nutritional value of this wonderful leaf. Try and get yours today and join the host of people who are currently enjoying the joy of staying healthy.


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