Enugu bloodbath: Army shooting Villagers on sight

Enugu bloodbath: Army shooting on sight

Isi-Ngwu Mgbowo in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu state Biafra land has witnessed yet again another carnage as men of the Nigerian army move from house to house shooting on sight.

The military boys are indiscriminately shooting at everything that moves in the local government.

A video that popped up on social media shows where some group of men identified to be Nigerian soldiers of the Fulani extraction are busy shooting sporadically aiming at everything that moves.

Reports have it that many have died and many sustained deep injuries courtesy of the unprovoked attack.

A few days ago, the same evil perpetrated by the same men in uniform, saw to the death of many who claimed to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The recent killings orchestrated by the joint military forces of Nigeria in the South East are efforts made to destroy the entire Igboland.

They are in the southeast with the disguise of going after insecurity in the state. These unwarranted efforts are geared towards killing IPOB members.

The IPOB members however are the people seeking to fight for the emancipation of the Biafran people without guns and bullets.

IPOB’s stand for the liberation of the Igbos has proved a stumbling block to the Nigerian federal government as the quest for the Islamization of Nigeria is hence breached.

Freedom granted to the Igbos might not go down well with the Nigerian government that is why they are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that IPOB is completely clamped down.

Having noticed that violence is not the best way to solve the issue of insecurity in Igboland, the federal government continues to order its military boys to continuously kill innocent people in the Igbo states.

These carnage carried out by the men of the Nigerian military on the Easterners are backed by the governors of the east.

On Monday the 1st day of November 2021, the people of Isi-Ngwu Mgbowo in Awgu Local Government Area sought immediate government’s intervention but what they could see was the backside of the governor.

The armies are busy killing people in the East and the Eastern leaders are busy going after money. The lives of their people don’t matter to them. This is why they keep on inviting the army to continue to cause mayhem in the land of the Igbos.

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