dg-videos Scam or Legit (The real truth)

So I was in school one Wednesday afternoon and a friend introduced me to a website called dg-videos.

dg-videos a scam or legit? (The real truth)

It is a watch video and make money online website (WVMMOW). I was so happy when I got to know about the website believing that it would be worth trying as long as it was introduced to me by my very good friend.

Dg-videos is a watch video and make money website and that’s all that is obtainable there.

According to the platform, they are the best paying platform as long as making money online is concerned.

They have boasted of paying millions of dollars to their workers (ad viewers).

How dg-videos make money

The website allows vloggers, video creators of home appliances and lifestyle video creators to advertise their videos using their platform.

These videos placed on their platforms allows them to generate money and so on.

From the same money paid by advertisers, dg-videos pay a commission to their workers (registered ad viewers) who registered with them.

How much can you make in dg-videos?

How much you can make from this platform solely depends on you.

According to the brains behind the website, a one minute video is equal to $0.69

It is possible to find videos promoted for the sum of $140. That is to say, you will be paid 140 dollars if you watch the video.

Some videos are extremely long while some are short. The very long videos are the highest paying videos while short videos are the least paying.

the threshold for withdrawal?

In dg-videos you can only withdraw when you have accumulated the sum of two hundred dollars ($200).

This means that the minimum withdrawal from the platform is $200.

Also, to withdraw your cash from the platform you must refer a minimum of 30 people to the platform.

One interesting thing about dg-videos is that you will receive $10 upon registration and 40 percent of your referral’s money.

That is, you will get 40 percent when each of your referrals joins the platform.

dg-videos a scam or legit? (The real truth)

Is it easy to make $200?

It solely depends on you. For me, I made more than that within a space of three days. This was a result of my tight schedule.

Methods of payment

Interestingly, dg-videos is currently available in all countries of the world and also has the ability to identify your country’s currency symbol.

With dg-videos you can withdraw using your Bitcoin wallet or Straight to your local bank account, or using Western Union or PayPal (recommended). You can also be paid by providing the unique numbers of your debit card.

How to Register

It is very simple to register on this platform. All you have to do is to sign up to dg-videos, enter your information and start making money. As simple as that.

Is dg-videos legit or a scam?

This is where the big question comes in. At first, the website appears to be a scam as a result of its suspicious and less expensive domain name extension (xyz).

Those who are used to the internet would attest to the fact that .xyz extensions are less expensive compared to other website extensions like .com, .uk, .tech etc.

So this alone gives a clear indication that you are about to join a malicious website that promises heaven and lands you in hell at the end of the day.

Within one or two hours you can make close to 100 to 200 dollars depending on how keen you are on making money through the website.

Whether it is a scam or not, as at the time of sharing this piece, there was no evidence to prove they are scammers.

What people complain about

Although, irrespective of the fact that I cannot, for now, say they are legit or scammers, many have concluded that dg-videos are scammers.

They said that they end up making promises that cannot be fulfilled.

Many have complained that dg-videos returns a message to them telling them that their accounts were not approved due to some reasons and they would have to wait for about 30 to 60 days for the approval of their account.

Dg-videos to some is a legit money-making video website as they share their experiences through the platform.

At this stage, one cannot rule out the fact that they are paying or rule out the fact that they are scammers and can’t keep to their promises.

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