When A Boy Acts Like A Girl (the unbelievable happens)

Even till tomorrow, I don’t know what a boy who acts like a girl is called.

I know that a girl who acts like a boy is called “Tomboy” while the boy who acts like a girl still has an unknown name till tomorrow.

I have heard people call the “Tomgirl”, some call it “boygirl” and it continues.

In some cases, naturally, some boys act like girls while some on many occasions force themselves into acting like girls.

Now, these sets of boys who force themselves into acting like girls are the kind of people I am having issues with. Issues like “you are a boy why on earth do you want to be the opposite?”

It hurts me when I see a man who was ideally created to be a man would now long to have breasts and a vagina like a woman.

It is very very unfortunate that a good number of young boys who are found exhibiting this kind of behaviour end up becoming homosexuals.

Although on most occasions, these sets of boys don’t harbour such intentions but because of the way they dress and walk, people end up classifying them as homosexuals.

This on many occasions has brought issues to so many homes. A man who was created and born as a man ended up wanting to become a woman.

I know that so many things can lead to these thoughts of gender change.

Lemme outline some of the possible causes of desires for gender change

  • Surrounded by feminines
  • Father’s hatred for mother
  • Mother controlling/providing all aspects of the family’s needs
  • Peer influence
  • Law of the land
  • Gender inferiority complex etc.

A Boy Who Prefers To Be A Girl

When a boy acts like a girl the unbelievable happens

I have a roommate who right from childhood according to him,acting like a girl has been his way of life.

To me, I thought since this is his way of life, it can be cool and worth adapting with.

Since he was cool with such a lifestyle, I had no other option but to allow him to live his life the way he wanted.

Even though people started seeing me as gay simply because I live in the same house with a man who acts like a lady.

I didn’t in any way consider the thoughts of those people because I know that I am not gay and will never be one.

My roommate proved on many occasions to me that he was never a homosexual. Not until one fateful Wednesday morning when I was late for class and needed to take my bath as soon as possible.

My roommate was already in the bathroom and I took my water to join him.

I hurriedly removed my clothes and faced the water in my bucket.

For a few seconds, I noticed that my roommate had stopped bathing and was staring at me.

“Is everything alright?” I asked. He returned to reality and started bathing without uttering a word.

I noticed some changes in him. His penis was already erecting and I acted like I didn’t see anything.

Immediately, I poured the water on my body and left the bathroom as soon as possible in order not to awaken the sleeping lion in my roommate.

When I returned from school, late at night, my roommate started making advances on me.

I warned him to stay off my line else he won’t like what will come upon him.

His inability to listen to my diplomatic response caused a serious fight that night.

I tried to make him understand that I was straight and had no intention of becoming a homosexual diplomatically but he preferred to force himself on me.

Without any waste of time, I gave him the beating of his life. After that night, that marked the end of me having a roommate.

Until we graduated from university, we never saw each other again.

Parents Role

Parents have a great role to play when it comes to helping a child maintain his or her supposed gender characteristics.

You can’t see your male child imitating the role of a girl-child and you keep quiet claiming that he is just a child.

He is a child and that’s quite true but have you forgotten that whatever a child learns from childhood that he takes to adulthood?

My mother will always say “What a girl-child learns from her father’s house, that she takes to her husband’s”.

When you see your child exhibiting the attitude of the opposite gender, you must caution that behaviour as soon as possible to avoid it from becoming a way of life.

Socialization begins at home. Parents therefore must ensure that their children/wards pass through the right processes of socialization.

It’s true that peers also play a great role in influencing the life of the child. The big question now is, how are you monitoring the behaviours your children/wards are exhibiting recently?

Are your children’s peers their new parents or are you still the parents of your children/wards?

It is high time you took the responsibility of knowing your children more than they know themselves.

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