Tiwa Savage’s Leaked S** Video

Jackson Refused to eat after Tiwa Savage's s** video laaked

Jackson Refused Food After Watching Tiwa’s Leaked S** Tape

Jackson was mad when a s** videotape of his most cherished music artist Tiwa Savage leaked.

Jackson told me that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing until he went online and he confirmed that there was a video of Tiwa Savage circulating like crazy fire.

As a result of the burning anger in him, Jackson refused to eat anything from the morning hours he heard the news to the next morning.

A video of Tiwa Savage having a showdown with her boyfriend in a yacht or boat circulated online.

The six minutes video went viral and the social media community never rested as the leaked s** video caught much attention.

The majority of Tiwa’s fans defended her while many others criticised her for having such a fun time with her boyfriend and sharing it online.

Some said that she didn’t think of imagining what could be the thoughts of her kids when they grow up and found out about such a video.

According to Tiwa Savage, the leaked video was mistakenly shared on Snapchat and it went to Instagram.

From there, the video became another huge trend in the whole of Nigeria.

Tiwa Savage apologised to her fans for the irrational behaviour and thanked those who stood up for her and promised such a thing won’t be repeated.

Jackson finally decided to eat something the next day. From the way he was eating the food, it was as if all his life he had never eaten anything before.

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