Touching tears of Uncle John’s wife

It happened that uncle John’s wife was blind. My dad and his siblings stood against Uncle John marrying the woman he claimed to be the love of his life.

My dad is the oldest son of the Write’s family and he has on many occasions tried to talk sense into the head of his immediate younger brother John, about the woman he wishes to marry.

Miss Anita is blind and because of her deformity, my father supported by his other siblings refused Uncle John from marrying Anita.

Defensively, uncle John would maintain that nothing on earth would stop him from marrying Anita, not even my late Grandpa or late grandma.

He always narrated the story of how Anita became the source of his happiness in school and how she has saved him on many occasions.

Uncle John said that even when he had nothing to eat, Anita would always be there to prepare him something. Many times, she usually gets food from her hostel for him.

She paid his first and second-year school fees before there was an open door for the family.

Uncle John maintained that Anita never rejected him when he had nothing and he is not ready to abandon her because she is blind and from the poor family background.

You might wonder how she was able to pay for my uncle’s school fees when she is from a poor family.

This is how it was possible, according to my uncle, she usually doubles her school fees and when her parents struggle to get it, she divides it into two.

Half will be for her school fees and the other half will be for uncle John.

It was in their third and final year that my uncle was able to pay his school fees and that of his love.

My uncle swore never to leave his beloved girlfriend no matter what.

The love and sacrifices the both of them shared right from their school days was enough reason why they can’t break up.

Uncle John's wife is too exceptional

Uncle John and His Blind wife

After all the pressure to forfeit marrying the blind woman, uncle John insisted that he rather die a bachelor than marrying another woman other than Anita.

My uncle’s wife was never in any way a liability to her husband. Her only problem is the fact that he can’t see.

Irrespective of her deformity, my uncle and his wife remained the most admired couple in my area.

You can’t believe that she taught her husband how to cook different recipes.

I forgot to inform you earlier that Anita wasn’t blind when she newly met my uncle.

It was in her second year at the university that she was involved in a car accident. The accident took the lives of every passenger in the vehicle. She was the only surviving passenger and of course, the accident did not leave her without stealing her eyes.

How uncle John’s wife became too exceptional

We normally have a family meeting every first Saturday of the new year. My uncle’s wife did something so exceptional that till tomorrow, everyone is still talking about it.

That singular act of hers won her a place in the heart of her brothers and sisters-in-law

At the new year’s meeting, uncle John said that he wishes to travel to Dubai for business purposes.

His brothers objected to his travel or better still, he should find someone that would stay around to run errands for his blind wife.

Uncle John in furry blasted his brothers for calling his wife “blind”.

Anita, the blind wife of my uncle, calmed her husband down and began to shed tears.

Amidst tears, she asked her brothers and sisters-in-law why they have subjected her to a thing of mockery in the family.

Why have they decided on countless situations to make her feel that she was not human and doesn’t deserve happiness?

She reminded my uncles how she became the backbone of her husband even when he has nothing.

The words of Anita sunk so deep into the heart of her in-laws that they hated themselves for being so cruel to a lady who has meant nothing but good for her husband and the entire family by extension.

In tears, the entire family apologized to uncle John’s wife and equally to uncle John.

Honestly, the first Saturday of 2019 was indeed a year of a complete turnaround for my entire family.

Arrived at the end of the story

No one should be segregated in this world no matter who they are or the kind of deformity the person is suffering from.

Everybody is important and useful in every available situation.

Treat everyone with equality….

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