Take Your Business Online Using These 7 Awesome Platforms

The physical store still works but you are missing a bunch of luck if your business is not online. It is time to take your business online if you are not online yet.

In the coming years, due to the advancement in technology, physical stores might be regarded as old fashioned. That is to say, people may no longer fancy buying things from physical stores. All they just need is to stay in the comfort of their homes and place an order.

It is time to take your business online because it is the trending way of selling your products.

I will advise you to stop depending on your physical shop alone. Online businesses are doing marvellously well.

Support your physical store with an online store and boost your product sales.

It is advisable to join the moving train or else you will trek to your destination.

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Platforms to take your business online

Before it was very difficult to achieve but due to the availability of many platforms today, you can now bring your business online without hassle.

Many platforms can enable you to take your business online. Some of these platforms include Blogging, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Amazon, Jumia, AliExpress, etc.

Take Your Business Online Using a Blog

Blogging is a platform that has welcomed a lot of users over the years. If you are sure you are ready to take your business online, then owning a blog should be a priority.

Even though you have online shops through other mediums, it is still advisable to own a blog or a website.

Blogger.com allows you to create a free blog with lots of restrictions.

If you are not ready to face some of these restrictions, then you should start a self-hosted blog.

There are a lot of gains you can get when it comes to owning a blog to start up your business.

Since you are making up your mind to start an online business, feel free to use Speedy Connect. They are reliable when it comes to domain names and the hosting of blogs.

One interesting thing about Speedy Connect is the fact that they are ALWAYS available to attend to your pressing needs.

If you are new to blogging, they can quickly set it up for you free of charge. The only payment you will have to make is the one you spend when buying a domain name and hosting.

Note: Both domain name and hosting can be gotten from many other places but with Speedy Connect, it is quite affordable and worth it.

Create Online Business using Facebook

With Facebook, all you have to do is to create a Facebook page for your shop.

Facebook is one of the most globally used social media platforms. If I am not mistaken, it is the most used and has the most membership compared to Twitter and other social media platforms.

The owners of Facebook created the Facebook page to enable both individuals and companies to create an online business.

Do you have a Facebook account? What are you waiting for? The joy of the whole thing is that creating a marketplace via Facebook is completely free.

Enter every needed detail about your store and begin to publish your items.

See how to create a Facebook page

Take Your Business Online Using Whatsapp Online

Another interesting way to take your business online is through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is also a powerful social media platform that enables you to share interesting moments with friends.

Whatsapp is different from Facebook in such a way that, in Whatsapp, you can only communicate with people on your contact and people with your contact can communicate with you.

Unlike Facebook, you can’t search for friends on Whatsapp. That is to say again, you are only limited to discussing with people on your contact list.

That being said, you will need a special Whatsapp that allows you to start your online business.

Don’t worry, this special Whatsapp is common. It was also introduced by the producers of Facebook, Instagram and the normal Whatsapp.

You will need Whatsapp Business to take your business online.

Take Business Online Using Instagram

Instagram for business enables you to start selling your products online.

Instagram is also one of Mark Zuckerberg’s products. He acquired this powerful social media platform and turned it into something great.

You can own a free online shop using the Instagram arena for business.

See how to sell using Instagram

Using Amazon to sell your products

Amazon is another great platform that allows you to take your business online.

If you are serious about selling your products to both international and national communities, then you are missing a great lot if you are not selling your products via Amazon.

Take your business online by using Amazon Sellers Central.

Amazon allows you to create a free account and start listing your products for possible sales.

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Interestingly, through Amazon, you can sell physical products like; clothes, shoes, watches, TVs, Radio, etc.

You can equally sell digital products through Amazon. Some of these products include; Ebooks, Blog Templates, Applications, etc. That is to say, any downloadable content which is worth buying can be sold via Amazon.

Before enlisting your products to be sold via Amazon, don’t forget to read their Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions etc.

Start Selling on Amazon

Explore Jumia Online Marketplace

Interested in taking your business online? Jumia is another very great platform to do that.

Creating a free account with Jumia is very simple. Log into Jumia sellers, fill out the needed information and boom start selling your products online.

Start Selling on Jumia

AliExpress Sellers

AliExpress is a trending Chinese owned online shop. You are free to open an account with AliExpress if and only if you are from certain European countries.

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Take Your Business Online Using These 7 Awesome Platforms

In the meantime, selling in AliExpress is not open for every country but buying through the platform is available in almost all countries of the world.

Start Selling on AliExpress


Like I pointed out earlier, taking your business online shouldn’t be as difficult as it might appear.

Open a self-owned blog using and start selling your products. You are more than welcome to use Speedy Connect to start your self-hosted blog.

Alternatively, you can open online shops using different available online platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Jumia, AliExpress etc.

Hope this helps. Feel free to share with us the platform that works best for you.

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