Sowore Attacked By Thugs During Nnamdi Kanu’s Court Hearing

Sowore Attacked By Thugs During Nnamdi Kanu's Court Case
Moment Sowore was attacked by thugs

During the Nnamdi Kanu court hearing, Omoyele Sowore was attacked by some unknown young men whose ascents proved they were Fulanis.

Nnamdi Kanu appeared before Binta Nyako’s court sitting in Abuja on Thursday the 21st day of October 2021.

The Sahara Reporters CEO and activist, Omoyele Sowore was attacked by men believed to be hired thugs in the presence of the DSS.

Unfortunately, the DSS stood and acted like nothing was happening. Instead of arresting those after the activist’s life, they were busy pushing Sowore back to his attackers.

When his attackers were separated from him by interveners, Sowore was mad at the members of the DSS who couldn’t do anything to save him while his life was in danger.

Initially, Sowore was denied access to the courtyard. They told him that he had no case in the court so he shouldn’t be around the court premises.


Speaking to Biafrans after the adjournment of Nnamdi Kanu’s case, Sowore made it clear to the teaming Biafrans that if his brethren have a case, it therefore, means that he also has a case. He equally added that if Yorubas and Biafrans have a case, he equally has a case.

The brave Sowore stood tall to combat the Nigerian government over allegations of terrorism. In all cases against him, he won them all.

Irrespective of several attacks against the activist, he has stood tall and remained resilient. His brother was murdered a few months ago and till today, the activist is ready to die for what he believes in.

The support Omoyele Sowore has shown to Biafrans has made Biafrans all over the world develop exceptional love for him. Biafrans are ready to defend him in whatever way possible.

Sowore is among the many other Nigerians seeking the resignation of Buhari and all public officials. He has clamoured for a better Nigeria through his “Revolution Now” protests.

Omoyele Sowore was among the few Activists and celebrities that sponsored and promoted the EndSARS memorial that commemorated the untimely death of those murdered at Lekki tollgate on the 20th of October, 2020.

The attack on Sowore by thugs in the presence of the reluctant DSS officials proves the fact that many politicians don’t care for the progress of citizens in this country but their own pockets.

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