Ronaldo’s Late Goal: JoJo Finally Ate Something

Ronaldo's Late Goal: JoJo Finally Ate Something
Moment Ronaldo scored the last goal for Manchester United

My son JoJo finally agreed to eat something after Christiano Ronaldo’s late goal against Atlanta.

When the Champions League match began between Manchester United and Atlanta FC, JoJo was in high spirits as he believed that his favourite theme would win the game.

Damian, my husband is a Man Utd fan and so is our son, JoJo grew up loving Manchester United like his father.

Ronaldo’s late goal solved for us the problem of having a member of the family going to bed on Wednesday night without eating his dinner.

In the first half of the match against Atlanta, the Atlanta FC players taught Manchester United a very hard lesson they wouldn’t have forgotten in a hurry.

They scored two goals during the first half and appeared to be more dominating and threatening to score more.

The actions Manchester United players were putting up against the opposing side made JoJo angrier.

He was shouting at the top of his voice ‘what is Ole still doing as United’s coach?”

His father and I knew that things were likely not going to turn out well that night if Manchester United eventually lost the match.

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My husband was a Manchester United fan even before JoJo was born but how JoJo became a die-hard United fan is still a surprising show for us.

We noticed that he was no longer himself, especially when Manchester United were losing 0 – 2 to Atlanta.

As a way of intervening, I told him to go eat his dinner. JoJo pretended not to hear what I was saying. “I am not hungry!” He shouted back at me the moment I repeated my last statement.

Immediately tears started rolling down his cheek. JoJo was crying when the second and the last goal for the Atlantas came.

We tried to console him by telling him that Rashford, his favourite player, will give Man Utd the winning glory.

Ronaldo’s late goal

The second half began and the heat of the match was still on. The once injured Rashford who just returned from injury netted the first Manchester United goal for the match at the 55 minutes.

That was not enough to satisfy JoJo, not until Maguire netted the fourth goal of the match which brought the game to a leveller.

There was a bit of relief now that Manchester United had levelled the goal.

Christiano Ronaldo’s late goal finally gave the manager the opportunity of retaining his job as a Manchester United manager. And also for JoJo, it was as if Manchester United had won the champions league.

Ronaldo’s late winner honestly made JoJo accept to eat his dinner.

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