Story of Maria Jenkins on how she lost her job after being impregnated by her boss. She said “I lost my job after getting pregnant for my boss”.

Below is her story and her request for your opinion on what to do as it regards to her new pregnancy status.

On the very first day I started the job, I realised my boss was already having his eyes on me. I tried my best to avoid him simply because I was in a relationship.

My boss was so romantic that on the very first day he made his intentions known, I quickly forgot that I was in a serious relationship with Damian.

I never knew that all my boss wanted from me was to sleep with me. Being new and stupid in the company, I failed to ask relevant questions.

It was after I was sacked by my boss after getting me pregnant that I realized that he was already married and blessed with three kids all in the UK.

My boss got me pregnant and when he knew about it, he gave me money to abort the child.

Because I disagreed to abort the child, he ensured I marked my last days in his office.

All he wanted me to do was to abort the child and continue to satisfy his sexual urge.

Before I became pregnant for my boss

Damian was my only true love before I became pregnant for my boss. Damian has always been with me both in thick and thin.

We applied for the same job and in the same company but they had limited vacancy which he encouraged me to take up.

His grades and qualifications are far better than mine but he still encouraged me to go ahead with the job.


He lied to the company that I was better experienced in the job irrespective of the fact that he had better qualifications.

This singular sacrifice by Damian increased my unending love for him. Unfortunately, this acclaimed love came under threat the moment I realised my boss was crushing on me.

I didn’t bother to tell Damian about it as I decided to handle it more maturely and personally.

The very big mistake

My boss invited me to his place for dinner and because he is my boss I couldn’t say no.

When I arrived at his home, it was heaven on earth. His house was so furnished that you could think that the president of the US has a room in the compound.

He told me that he was ready to share these properties with me if I can agree to be the mother of his children and always stand by him as his wife.

We are just having this kind of conversation for the very first time and he is in a hurry to make me his wife.

Unlike Damian. We have dated for more than two years and he has not spoken about anything related to marriage.

Time is not on my side any longer and I need a man like my boss who can cater for my needs and that of my unborn children.

These were the thoughts that filled my little brain not until I saw myself on my boss’s matrimonial bed.

Before I could know what I was doing, we rounded off the third round and prepared to move to the fourth.

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I developed so much hatred for Damian for no reason. Even when he tried to find out what was wrong with me, I always gave him looks that he never deserved.

Damian never knew that I was now into a new relationship. I told him that I couldn’t continue with the relationship.

His heart was completely broken the moment he came to realise how serious I was in breaking up with him.

On a very good day, he saw me in a shopping mall with my boss. It was then he realized that I dumped him for my boss simply because he couldn’t provide for my basic needs as my boyfriend.

When nature fought Back

I lost my job after I was pregnant for my boss.
Maria Jenkins is pregnant

One month into my relationship with my boss, I became pregnant. I was pregnant by my boss and was happy to announce it to him.

It has always been his desire to make me the mother of his children. I am also happy to have him as the father of my children.

I decided to give him a special treat. A treat that will birth the latest good news.

I invited my boss to my house for dinner. He never fails to attend to my calls so he was there present at the evening hours of that very day.

As usual, we started kissing and he was trying to put me in the mood of sleeping with him. I asked him to wait for the big good news.

I brought up the doctor’s report and when he glanced through, it was like a joke to him. “What is the meaning of this?” he asked, looking like someone who is being toiled with.

I told him that that was the pregnancy report. I am two months pregnant with him.

“And who told you that I was ready to be a father? I am not done taking care of my family in London, you want me to add you to my headache? That is impossible”. He said, picked up his unbuttoned shirt and left my house.

That was the biggest slap of my life. I am pregnant for my boss and he has denied me and the pregnancy.

When I went to the office the next day, he told me that he wasn’t ready to father any child now. He encouraged me to abort the child so that we could start from where we stopped.

Indeed, that was the devil speaking through my boss.

There and then, his wife called from London. It was now dawn on me that the man I was crazy for is married and already has three children.

After he thought to himself that I might end up being a pain in his ass and to his family, my boss got me fired.

I’ve lost Damian who is now a multimillionaire after his long time Bitcoin investment paid off hugely.

He now owns one of the biggest firms in New Jersey and here I am losing everything.

I am pregnant for my boss what is our Opinion?

After getting pregnant for my boss and being denied, do you agree I abort this child or should I keep him? Do you advise me to go back to Damian begging him for forgiveness? Your humble suggestions are greatly welcomed.

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