Theodore Chinonso Uba NonsoNkwa who is shortly known as Nonso Nkwa shows off his rising sun attire.

After the military clampdown on Chiwetalu Agu, a veteran Nollywood actor for wearing a Biafran cloth, another popular Nollywood actor and radio broadcaster, Nonso Nkwa dears the army and the Nigerian government by wearing his Biafran cloth.

Chinonso Nkwa is one of the greatest activists Imo state has ever known.

Nonso Nkwa and the Rising Sun
Nonso Nkwa in the rising sun attire

As a radio broadcaster through Ozisa FM, the well-celebrated radio presenter is one individual, Imolites don’t joke with.

He was known for his funny ways of reading newspaper highlights which usually come in the morning hours of weekdays and another entertaining evening program called “Obodo wu Igwe”.

The voice of Nonso Nkwa has gone deep into the hearts of his listeners. His ability to stand tall even in the face of danger and always standing by the truth has earned him this great love from Imolites.

In a picture that went viral on Saturday, Nonso Nkwa showed to the world that indeed, the sun rises from the East.

The same kind of cloth that landed Chiwetalu Agu in the army prison and later the DSS custody was the cloth Nonso was seen with today.

Normally, such a kind of cloth shouldn’t cause any kind of havoc anywhere but why the Nigerian government hates to see anyone wearing it remains a question no one has an answer to.

Happenings in Nigeria is a clear indication that anarchy, lawlessness has become the order of the day.

This cloth Nonso is wearing is likely going to spark the lifting of eyebrows since according to the federal government, wearing or having anything that relates to Biafra is taboo.

Unfortunately for Mr President because he cannot stop the collective decision of the people.

No matter how hard they try to suppress the sun from shining, the sun must rise from the East.

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