She was Pregnant (Another my Sister in law story)

My name is Simon and here is my story about my love for my sister in law.

I came to know Nancy on the day I visited my wife’s family for the very first time.

I know it was wrong for me to abandon Ruth whom I have known right from the university.

When we planned on getting married, that was when I was invited to see her family.

How i met my sister in law

At the family meeting, there I met Nancy, my sister in law.

My heart skipped the moment our eyes came in contact. Though I tried to control myself in the presence of my would-be in-laws.

We had a great meal and it was indeed a very deep conversation. Ruth’s family members are great people and fun to be with. In short, if I was given an opportunity of choosing a family to be born into, if I don’t see my family on the list, I will choose my in-laws’ family.

While we were dining, I never got my eyes off her. Ruth was the only person that understood what was going on but she pretended never to have seen anything.

After the meal and the whole thing, it was time for me to leave. Ruth accompanied me to the car and tried asking why my eyes were fixed on her older sister.

I couldn’t deny it. For her to say this, means that she saw me lusting over her sister.

I finally gave in by lying that I was only appreciating the beauty God has deposited in her and her entire family.

That alone convinced her as she smiled and kissed me goodbye.

I got married to Ruth and it was indeed a blessed marriage.

My sister in-law to spend the holiday with us

My love for my wife was unchallenging not until her older sister, Nancy visited us to spend the holiday with us.

My wife has already travelled to Dubai and since my sister in law has come to spend the holiday with us, who am I to reject her?

I know that deep inside me I love my wife but the arrival of my sister in law is posing another big challenge to my fidelity.

Three days later, my sister in law has already settled in our home.

She is to spend the two months holiday at my house and to tell you how the devil works, my wife’s Dubai’s trip was extended to another one month.

The Temptation

My sister in law in one of the ungodly hours of the cold night came to my room partially naked.

Wow, her thighs, her eyes, the beauty were irresistible. While I lay on the bed helplessly like someone who was suddenly paralysed, she sat on me and gradually whispered into my ears “I am lonely”.

My sister in law gently raised her head and began to gradually move her butts on my ‘lower region’.

To worsen the whole thing, I was on bussers and my manhood was already erecting.

While she continued to put me in the mood, it was as if the face of my wife flashed on my face.

Quickly, I realised myself and forced her out of my body.

I stood up and with a calm voice, I told her that I was not ready to cheat on my wife.

Before I could say anything further, she ran into the restroom to vomit.

I wondered if my mouth was smelling that could trigger the sudden stomach upset that warranted her vomiting.

My sister in law began to feel different about her body system.

Shocking good news

The next day, she visited the hospital and it was confirmed to her that she was not sick but rather two months pregnant.

This appeared to be a shocking story of my life. I wondered what would have happened if I eventually had sex with my sister in law.

I just imagined what would have become of my family if I was responsible for my sister in law’s pregnancy.

Well, thank God everything happened the way they did. At least she knows who impregnated her.

My family is safe and I am still that husband that is still faithful to his wife.

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