I Am Happy, I Married a trouble-maker – Texas Lady

What on Earth is that? Who claims to be married to a trouble-maker and is happy with it? Well, this is a question that almost everyone is asking and I am proud enough to tell them that I am happy to be married to a trouble maker, the lady from Texas boasts.

It might not sound fine with you but I am fine with it. Our house gets boring if no one comes to complain about my husband.

I derive so much joy each time people come to my house narrating the story of how my husband caused so much trouble for them.

The truth is that all these reports about my husband causing trouble here and there makes me feel that he is a superhero.

My husband is well to do and also owns a poultry farm that is awesomely doing great.

No one can come to me and complain that my husband was begging them for money or something.

I’ve asked him on many occasions why he loves to cause trouble for people. In response, he would always tell me that he does what he does only to make people see reasons to be happy.

He said that people sometimes behave or act like individuals who are giving up on the world. So his best way of bringing them back to reality is by making them feel angry with him and wanting to chase him around.

I married a trouble-maker

One of the interesting stories my husband has told me was one of the days he went to the beachside and saw a woman who was completely lost in deep thoughts.

He noticed that the woman was no longer on this earth. My loving troublemaker husband told me that he sat very close to the woman for more than two minutes but she never reacted to seeing anyone around her.

He cuffed the woman to himself and when she finally realized herself, she wondered what he was doing.

My husband told her that he cuffed her as a way of making her understand the level of love he has for her. He said that both of them would be tied to eternity.

So much love was written all over her face, the young lady was already falling in love with my husband.

She tried to kiss him and my husband quickly reached for the nearby ice cream.

The lady whose left hand was still cuffed to my husband tried to force herself on my husband and quickly, he uncuffed himself and told her “welcome back”. He ran away and the woman never knew exactly who he was and what he meant by “welcome back”.

So, I trust you have come to see reasons why I am glad I got married to a trouble maker. My husband has caused a lot of trouble for so many people and at the end of the day, those troubles yield positive fruits for the people involved.

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