killers of the Flower Moon

The killers of the Flower Moon deemed it necessary to eliminate the flower moon because she served as an obstruction to their goal achievement.

This story is about Rose who was known as the Flower Moon. The Flower Moon loves to sing and all her songs are geared towards bringing light/salvation to the community.

Killers of the Flower Moon

The Flower Moon was an ordained child whose parents died after giving birth to her. The king of Kioshi was mandated to adopt her and treat her as a member of his family.

“Her gift will bring salvation to the Kioshi clan,” said the Gatekeeper.

Some people were not happy with the Flower Moon so they planned to eliminate her.

It will be a thing of sorrow to the clan of Kioshi if the Flower Moon is eliminated.

The king ensured the Flower Moon had all she needed to live like a princess. She also was provided with a life of abundance and was always available to sing for the clan.

Her song brings victory to Kioshi in the time of war. Her songs bring peace when Kioshi is in a deep mess.

The Flower Moon was the only hindrance to the enemies of Kioshi.

Because of these, they sought ways to kill the Flower Moon.

Rose (Flower Moon) loves to tour the community to see beautiful things and places. Her presence in Kioshi made the clan the richest and the most visited in the whole of Asia.

She never walks on the streets alone. The king ensured that she was well protected by his soldiers.

Rose hates to be accompanied by anyone as it makes her feel she can’t do anything on her own.

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Story Continues

One faithful day, the Flower Moon escaped the palace without the notice of anyone. She went to the woods alone and there she met the werewolf.

The wolf was looking hungry and nothing on this planet Earth can stop him from eating this fresh young human.

Rose sang for the wolf but it was as if her song was not having any effect on the wolf.

It attacked her and she ran for her life. The wolf was hurriedly chasing after her.

She stopped and turned at the charging wolf. She raised her hand in a way of stopping a vehicle in motion.

The wolf stopped instantly and it looked directly into her eyes. “You are not a wolf,” she said.

Immediately, the wild wolf began to feel uncomfortable. It began to scratch itself until it became human.

The Flower Moon meets Kaliu

The wolf that turned into a human was Kaliu. Kaliu was cursed for refusing to marry the daughter of the greatest deity in the Guff clan.

The Guff clan is the number one enemy of the Kioshi clan. They used Kaliu as an assassin that’s why they starved him of food for many days.

They were getting him prepared for the mission ahead which was to destroy the Flower Moon.

To them, the songs of the Flower Moon cannot affect him who was cursed by the gods and how she finally subdued him got them surprised.

The masterminds of the event that just occurred came out of their hiding place and attacked the Flower Moon.

Unknown to her that people were monitoring what was happening. They shot her with a needle that had a sleeping substance. This substance in the needle made her sleep immediately.

Kioshi Clan is Worried

After searching for the Flower Moon for more than three days, the Kioshi clan became scared. They looked all over the villages in Kioshi but she was nowhere to be found.

The news came to the king that the Flower Moon was kidnapped by the Guff clan.

Without taking time to plan, the king sent 1,000 men for her rescue.

Unfortunately, none of the soldiers came back alive.

Guff prepared about 50,000 men to attack the Kioshi clan and claim her inheritance and clan.

The Kioshi king found out about this evil plan. He had no other alternative than to prepare for what is to come.

The Kioshi clan did not need enough soldiers because they had the Flower Moon by their side, only 100 men plus the Flower Moon could defeat over a million enemies.

Kioshi had no alternative but to start recruiting battle novices into the army. This is necessary if they must defend their land.

The killers of the Flower Moon are in for a battle

The flower moon had her hands and legs tied up and also her mouth in such a way she cannot sing any longer.

Kaliu was also tied close to her. He told her to sing, else her clan will be destroyed completely.

It was impossible for her to sing because her mouth was tied.

The war has already started. The Guff clan has already attacked the Kioshi clan.

The victory was gradually coming to the Guff clan. The people of Kioshi were running helter-skelter as their king was already brought to his knees.

Kaliu reminded the Flower Moon that the song is not just what she pronounced from her mouth but what comes from her innermost heart.

He told her that what her clan needs now is that voice that comes from her innermost heart and not the one that comes from her mouth.

That Voice Returns

The Flower Moon took a deep breath and it was as if she was taken away from this world to a different world altogether.

In the realm where she found herself, she saw blood littered everywhere and the king of the Guff clan ruling the whole of Asia in tyranny.

She began to sing. Things began to normalise in the realm and it manifested in reality.

There was a serious earthquake in the Kioshi clan. Thunderous sounds never stopped blasting in the air.

“The Flower Moon,” the king of Kioshi said while kneeling before the king of Guff.

One of the servants of the king quickly reported to the king that the Guff soldiers were losing the war.

This became an encouragement to the king of Kioshi as he rose to his feet and fought against the king of Guff.

Kaliu tried to turn back into the werewolf that he was but was finding it difficult. The curse was broken.

He was able to untie himself and also tried to untie the Flower Moon. On removing the rope that was used to tie her mouth, a loud sound followed which pushed him to the nearest wall.

That sound began to pull down the walls of the dungeon where they were imprisoned.

Kaliu quickly ran to her and helped her out of the collapsing prison.

She never stopped singing. Her spirit was no longer there. Her eyes were white and her clothes were white.

Kaliu took her out of the entire building. All the guards minding the palace of the Guff clan were destroyed.

Kioshi defeated the Guff clan and swept them off their lands.

At the end of the battle, the Flower Moon returned to normalcy. A non-stop look at each other dragged their faces together which brought about kissing.

Kaliu and the Flower Moon became lovers. Even though it was opposed by the king of Kioshi, he couldn’t do anything since Kaliu was part of the reason why they defeated the Guff clan.

The love birds married each other and their love was eternal.

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