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Why I could no longer join the US army
US Soldiers defending the nation….

It has been one of my aspirations to join the US army. Honestly, I never saw any reason why anyone could talk me out of my heart’s desire to join the army.

This story is about how I lost interest in joining the US army. Are you here to know the requirements to join the army? Then you have to check here. Continue reading the story.

My name is Patrick Praise and I live in Ohio. Joining the army has been my childhood wish not until Geraldine happened.

I fell in love with Geraldine a few months ago and when she came to know that I desired to join the US army, everything changed.

Geraldine begged me not to join the army because she was scared she would lose me.

I tried to talk sense into her head. I tried to make her understand how I have cherished being in the military defending my nation.

She narrated the story of how her family became destabilised after her father died on an Iraqi mission.

My intention of joining the army wasn’t a result of the pay and or the benefits that come from it.

My parents are well to do so joining the army wasn’t all about the money.

I love the gallantry of the military men and how they carry themselves. What interests me most is how Hollywood makes great videos of them.

My parents tried to talk me out from harbouring the thought of joining the US army but they never prevailed.

Since they cannot in any way possibly influence my decision on becoming a future US soldier, it was as if I won.

“Love,” they say, is a very strong feeling that can either pull you down or put you on the same level or raise you.

My love for Geraldine completely pulled me down in my decision to become a US soldier.

My 21 years of harbouring the thought of joining the army squashed after Geraldine told me she can’t continue with someone in the military.

She told me that she can’t stand in-between me and my destiny. She said that as much as I am happy with the military, she can’t be the source of my unhappiness. And in reciprocation, I cannot be the source of her unhappiness either.

Time to write the ASVAB test to join the US army

The day to write the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test was here.

I got to the venue in Ohio and the teaming aspirants were unimaginable.

The test was served and I never stopped to think about Geraldine.

30 minutes into the examination I’ve not written anything yet.

For the past 30 minutes, I’ve not stopped to think about Geraldine. I stood up and the supervisors warned me never to go anywhere.

I told them that I was no longer interested in the examination. They told me never to walk out of the door else I should forfeit joining the army.

I dropped my papers on the floor and left. I went straight to Geraldine’s house and she was completely carried away in sorrow.

She didn’t recognize how long I’ve been at her back observing her body reactions.

When she turned, she was shocked to see me. We embraced each other and I told her that couldn’t take the exams because of her.

Our love for each other was second to none. Two years later, I got married to the woman my heart cherishes and we have remained a happy family.

I realised that joining the US army was not my calling but rather what I would have loved to do.

I just love the military for their gallantness and the way they are respected in society nothing more.

Meeting Geraldine and getting married to her was a life changer. I learnt many things which I know, that if I was in the military I may not be opportune to learn them.

For some of my esteemed readers who will criticize me for choosing a woman over a career. Well, to put it straight to you, joining the army wasn’t my dream job but rather something I would love to do.

Being the best husband and father, a software developer was my dream job and of course, I am doing well with it.

Disclaimer: This story and the names mentioned are completely fictional. We appreciate you taking your time to read our stories. Remain blessed. Don’t forget to support us in your little way… remain blessed.

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Why I could no longer join the US army