NIGERIA police force and James Kenneth brutality

James Kenneth and his Experience with the NPF

James Kenneth a student of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri shared the story of how the last money in his pocket was extorted from members of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

James said that the police officers stopped him at the checkpoint while he was trekking to school.

Looking at his hairstyle and dressing style, they tagged him a Yahoo boy.

A ‘yahoo boy’ is a way or name used to identify online scammers.

They said that he was a Yahoo boy and will be arrested for being a Yahoo boy.

James Kenneth tried to protest but they used their positions as officers to break him.

They threatened to take his phone to a cyber cafe where it will be scanned to see all the materials he uses to do his Yahoo business.

Mr Kenneth told the police officers that he was innocent and has nothing to do with being a Yahoo boy.

They told him to pay N50,000 as a way of effecting his release, otherwise, he will be sleeping in the police cell.

Kenneth told the brutal police officers that he doesn’t have such an amount of money on him.

They finally told him to give them what he had on him. He gave them the four thousand Naira (N4000) he had on him.

According to James Kenneth, the 4k was the only money he had on him.

He trekked from there to his school and when he got home, he shared his ordeal with members of his family.


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