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Contrary to the rumours going on on social media, the Noble laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka is not dead.

Is Prof Wole Soyinka Dead?
Prof Wole Soyinka

On Monday, unimaginable news of the sudden death of Prof Soyinka enveloped the social media space.

The claim of the demise of the Professor left everyone in agony as he has always been an outspoken professor and always ready to face the enemies of Nigeria by telling them their faults on their faces.

While the social media platforms have a different story about the death of Prof Wole Soyinka, P.M. NEWS already has a different story. The P.M. NEWS can authoritatively say that Soyinka is very much alive, hale and hearty.

The Noble Laureate who is currently in Los Angeles, United States of America, had a conversation with P.M. NEWS.

Currently, Prof Soyinka is promoting his new novel “Chronicles From the Land of the Happiest People on Earth.”

The Prof has won a Noble Prize in literature in 1986 and he has equally authored many books across all genres.

Around 2.00 pm Nigerian time, on Monday, the Professor gave a virtual opening address at the first JP Clark Memorial Symposium.

After all these, the news about the death of Prof Wole Soyinka has noticed it’s a reduction to the barest minimum.

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