Child Psychologist is on the Run

My little brother was behaving abnormally and my parents concluded to take him to a child psychologist. Initially, they planned on taking him to a psychiatrist but to them, it was a huge decision to make.

They can’t just conclude that my little brother was going crazy. The more accepting idea was to allow him to see a child psychologist.

It was Wednesday morning and my parents and I took my little brother to the psychologist. We were asked to remain outside while she has quality time with my little brother.

My dad suggested we leave them alone and go buy some stuff that will be needed for the kitchen.

Child psychologist is on the run

We left my little brother under the care of the child psychologist. With the way she carried herself, we concluded that this was the right person for the job.

45 minutes later, we returned to the psychologist’s office and we were told that the child psychologist ran out of her office with stains of blood. The narrators of the recent development told us that they were scared to enter the room as the person who did it to her is still inside.

All the while we have lived with him he has never been hostile to anyone other than himself. The story of him hurting another person is what got us confused.

Quickly, my dad entered the office to meet my brother holding a sharp penknife. Calmly, my dad spoke to him to drop the knife.

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“I will kill her!” he was shouting at the top of his voice. My 10 years old brother has never been this hostile. What is happening?

I was hiding at the back of my mother who was also gradually telling my brother to drop the penknife.

When he finally dropped the knife, my father hugged him and pushed the knife away.

“What happened?” My father asked. “She was forcing me to sleep with her,” my brother responded. “What!” We all shouted in unison.

My dad immediately left us and started making enquiries about where the child psychologist ran to.

No one knew that the child psychologist was a paedophile. She loves having sex with children.

It was at this point that the police arrived. My father explained all that had happened and also my brother’s side of the story about the child psychologist.

The police took cognisance of my father’s statements and invited him to make an official statement at the precinct.

The child psychologist was on the run

After that very incident, the child psychologist has never been seen by anyone. She remained missing till this very day.

On many occasions, my father would enquire from the police if they had any lead on the child psychologist’s whereabouts but the negative response he gets provokes him the most.

In my family, no matter who you are, you are not allowed in any way to ride on our fundamental human rights.

That’s what my father has prevented right from when we were born to this very day. He never stopped looking for that child psychologist.

He planned to get her arrested and ensure that others who are involved in such acts retraced their steps. He also wants to achieve the fact that no one messes with my family and goes away with it unharmed.

The rights of every individual both old, young, male, female, handicapped or disabled must be respected.

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My father gave up on the case after 5 years of continuously searching for this mysterious child psychologist without any success.

My little brother was given the right medical attention that he needed and he was fine. Irrespective of the fact that my father gave up on the fight, it never left his thoughts.

He has always wished for a day to come when he will catch the runaway child psychologist red-handed.

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and I hope the information designed to be achieved in this story is already achieved.

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