Charles Okocha Denies Destroying His Friend’s Car For Being With His Daughter

Charles Okocha Denies Destroying His Friends Car For Being With His Daughter

The well known Nigerian actor, Charles Okocha, has outrightly denied opinions that he damaged his friend’s Sport Utility Vehicle after he found out that his daughter was sitting in the front seat of his car having fun.

Earlier on Wednesday, a video went viral with the caption ‘Omoh!! Wahala happen for Lekki yesterday oh! Charles Okocha go see hin pikin for inside one big boy car, the rest is history,’

The video showed that the actor was in complete anger. He was seen dragging a young girl out of the SUV and roughly escorting her into his car.

Seconds after the young lady whom people perceived to be his daughter relaxed in his car, Charles Okocha was seen with a giant spare which he used in hitting the windscreen of the SUV.

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The windscreen got damaged after it was encountered with the spade.

Mixed feelings were sparked after the horrifying video of Charles Okocha and his daughter surfaced online. Many concluded that it could be a comedy skit or the scene of a video, while some others said it was real and wasn’t any action.

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Video of how Charles Okocha destroyed his friends car

Meanwhile, The Punch has revealed that in a chat with them the actor made it clear that the video snippet is from a movie role from a yet to be released movie.

In the telephone chat with the punch, Okocha said, “You should know me by now that I will never do a thing like that. I will want people to zoom into the video, look at the face of the lady and compare it with my daughter. That is not my daughter.

“What people saw is a scene from a movie I am featured in but it is not yet released. I will have addressed this issue since but I am currently filming in the east and I am very busy at the moment.”

Having denied the fact it wasn’t real combat, people are therefore made to understand that the actor was only acting in a movie and it wasn’t any form of fight or anything of the sort.

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