Biafra today: Made in Biafra Clothes Flood the Market

Biafra today: Made in Biafra Clothes Flood the Market
Made in Biafra boxes

In today’s Biafra, after the rearrest of Chiwetalu Agu for wearing a Biafran cloth, Igbos have gone ahead to flood the markets with clothes and materials made in Biafraland and having Biafran flag colours.

After the rearrest of Chiwetalu Agu by members of the Department of State Security, DSS, the Buhari’s government kept on falling into traps laid by the Biafran people.

The veteran Nollywood actor was brutally dealt with and arrested at Upper Iweka where he was sharing ten thousand Naira worth of bread to the hungry masses.

The army arrested him claiming that he was inciting violence.

According to a report that came up, the army denied arresting him. They said that what they planned to do was to pull him out of the crowd in order not to cause any form of agitation.

But because he refused to leave the area as he was instructed, they had no other option but to force him out.

This kind of report is a big lie. Okay, if the military boys intended to pull him out of the crowd, why take him to their barrack? Why did they allow him to spend a night in the barrack?

The army announced that Chiwetalu Agu was released and no longer in their custody.

The joyful air returned as people were happy that Chiwetalu Agu was released. A few minutes later, another news had it that Chiwetalu Agu was rearrested by members of the lawless Department of State Security, DSS.

According to the army, they cannot just free him like that. They said that the civilian forces are needed to officially grant him his freedom.

If this is the case, why did the army tell the public that he was released? They know that he was never in any way released because they sent him to another lawless security department.

The DSS is known for breaking laws. On many occasions, they have broken the law of the state.

Taking Chiwetalu Agu to the DSS is nothing but removing an item from boiling oil and throwing it into the flames.

After the rearrest of Chiwetalu Agu, made in Biafra clothes and materials flooded the market.

Biafra today: Made in Biafra Clothes Flood the Market
Made in Biafra

The people are making the government of the day understand that the people are the government.

What reason does any reasonable government have to arrest an individual simply because he was spotted wearing a Biafran cloth?

The people have decided that since they want to wipe out the entire Igbo race, they are therefore free to do their worst.

Made in Biafraland materials are almost found in all parts of Biafraland.

In Biafra today no one has the assurance of living a peaceful life because the Nigerian government is hell-bent on destroying the lives of Igbo people.

During one of his press interviews, the president of Nigeria said that they will gather the army and the police and flush out the Igbos because they are like a dot in a circle.

Calling the Igbos a dot in a circle and being ready to flush them out meant that the Igbos were no longer welcomed in Nigeria.

The president threatened to speak to the Igbos in a language that they will understand, with Operation Golden Dawn being practised in Igboland is a clear indication that the president’s initial threat is now put into practice.

They have forsaken northern states that needed the full force of the federal government and they are here in the East to cause mayhem.

The East was a predominantly peaceful region.

Biafra today: Made in Biafra Clothes Flood the Market

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra once said that the army will come and they shall all die in our land.

In Biafra land today, the army has arrived and of course, began their usual killings of the innocent people tagging them ESN and Unknown Gunmen.

The world remains blind and adamant when the issue of Biafra will come up. Daily, the Igbos are killed and no international body is ready to query the Nigerian government.

They see the unending flow of blood gushing out from Nigeria and yet they decide to pay deaf ears and act like it doesn’t concern them.

The world should not worry for what is written is already written and nothing can erase it.

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