Angel’s body Made Her Lose – Anthony Jackson

Angel's Nakedness Made Her Lose - Anthony Joshua

Angel went naked on the BBNaija show and got everyone talking. Among every person that this act affected most was Anthony Jackson.

Anthony Jackson is a Lagos born businessman. He said he loved Angel from the very first start when Season 6 of BBNaija Season 6 started.

Things changed the moment his most loved TV star, Angel, went naked live.

Angel some time ago was caught on camera masturbating. To Jackson, it was normal.

His hatred for her started when another picture of her appearing naked surfaced on the internet.

Jackson said that what got him upset most was the fact that Angel was walking around the house fully naked.

“I know that it is not my business to speak about her choice of clothing but it was unfortunate she chose such a lifestyle.

I am not saying this to castigate her but that singular act of walking around naked in the house, made me stop liking her.

It won’t be wrong if I said that the actual reason Angel didn’t win the Ninety Million Naira was because of her over showoff.

Imagine coming out so proud from the house to meet people who have seen your full nakedness.

As I said, I don’t expect people to support my decision not to love Angel again.

The truth is and remains, Angel was the actual reason she couldn’t win the Big Brother Naija Season 6 show”.


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