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Bernie Sanders is angry with big pharmacies as he said that they are greedy and it is their time to stop.

Bernie Sanders, the well-grounded US activist has once again blown hot on pharmacies.

Your Greed Has Come To An End -   Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

He acknowledged that big pharmacies have lobbied the US Congress over the years. Bernie Sanders realized the fact that these big pharmacies are hell-bent on charging Americans outrageous prices for their medication.

It is so unfortunate. Bernie noticed that they have spent over $4.5 Billion only to lobby Congress to support their evil against the US people.

Bernie believes that their time is coming as he said that their greed is coming to an end.

“Why has Big Pharma spent over $4.5 BILLION lobbyings Congress through the years? So that they can continue charging the American people outrageous prices for the medicine they need”.

“I’ve got news for the pharmaceutical industry: your greed is coming to an end”.

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Your Greed Has Come To An End – Bernie Sanders