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So I got to meet Philip Layman, one of my colleagues back in the day, in our secondary school. Phil has completely changed. When I asked him the secret behind his sudden change he said it was nothing but when you work on yourself.

Phil said that you must not plan to be like the others but rather plan to be better than the others. And the only way to achieve this is by working on yourself.

Sometimes you see yourself as an embarrassment to your friends and family. On many occasions, you feel like you are not human. Yes, all those thoughts come but the big question is, how do you manage these problems?

Philip told me that it is very wrong for a reasonable human being to see himself as other people. You are a different person so you must see yourself as a different person.

Every man is born unique. It is this uniqueness of an individual that makes him/her stand out among his/her peers.

To become someone that you aspire to be, you must be working on yourself.

Successful people don’t just wake up to become successful. They pass through many rigorous processes. Any man who is hell-bent on becoming successful must have an interest in working on his/herself.

Simply put, all great men today worked on themselves before attaining the position they are today. You also need to do the same thing.

Jeff Bezos did not succeed Bill Clinton in becoming the richest man in the world only by sitting down and doing nothing. He tried to task his brain. He came to realise what people are lacking. He invested his time, money and talent in it and today, he is one of the world’s richest men (succeeding Bill Clinton).

Benefits of Working on yourself to become successful

  • It is stated in the subheading, you must work on yourself so that you can become successful in life.
  • You work on yourself so that you start reasoning differently.
  • Working on yourself enables you to become one of the greatest people the world has ever known (think of Jeff Bezos and other rich men in the world).
  • It also enables an individual to be coordinated in whatever he or she does.
  • Working on yourself enables you to trim off some of the things that are causing you setbacks.

When someone tells you to work on yourself

Working on yourself might mean a lot of things to a lot of people. In this context, we are trying to discuss how important it is that you work on yourself so that you can attain greatness in life.

When someone tells you to be working on yourself, he/she doesn’t mean bad for you. It simply means that there are certain things you are doing which you are supposed to stop doing.

Take a look at this short story

Joseph was a young man who was determined to study and make good grades.

When he was in primary school his parents ensured he had the best quality time to study.

He grew up on that measure but things changed after Joseph finished secondary school. At the university that is where everything changed.

He met so many friends in the university and his group of friends were dummies and didn’t give a damn to being dummies.

Joseph got mixed up with his dummy friends and his grades began to drop drastically. This relationship affected him and his studies.

He was not quick to realise the fact that it was his new friends that have caused him great academic damage.

Joseph met a therapist and he was advised to work on himself. The therapist told him that there were things he was doing and those things are affecting him.

From queries about his lifestyle with his parents and now that he is in University, the therapist gathered that Joseph’s academic poor performance was a result of the bad company he kept.

As a way of working on himself, Joseph began to limit his relationship with those dummies who never for once encouraged him to read his books.

Joseph saw improvements in his academic achievements in the subsequent semesters.

Working on yourself to achieve success

Those things that are acting as setbacks to your success attainment, it’s high time you kicked them out of your life.

If your friends are part of what is delaying you from becoming what you want to be, it’s time to end that relationship. Also, if your phone is part of your problem, you must by yourself create rules and regulations that will be guiding the way you are to be using your phone from henceforth.

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Why Working on Yourself is Beneficial