Word Fuse Game Legit or Scam

Is Word Fuse Game Legit?

Word Fuse Game programmers knew that people needed money that’s why they came up with a game that never pays.

Because the quest to make money and also put food on our table has made a lot of people like me surf the internet day and night to find new ways to make money.

Are you considering if downloading the Word Fuse Game is the best option for you to make money online? Well, my dear, I will encourage you to please remove that thought from your mind.

Downloading the word Fuse game app is a waste of time and resources. If you are Keen on making money, please forget about downloading this application.

When Word Fuse Game is Useful

The application is only useful only when you want to keep yourself busy with a brain-tasking game.

The Word Fuse game enables you to spell words correctly and pass them to the next level.

Is Word Fuse Game Legit?

If playing a game is what you are interested in, then you can go ahead to download and play this game.

But if making money through game playing is your intention, kindly run for your life as long as word Fuse game is concerned.

I am sharing this because of my experience with the game app.

They promise to enable you to make hundreds of dollars only by playing games but in the long run, you find out that it was a huge promise with no possibility of fulfilment.

How to make unrealistic money in this app

According to the programmers of this app, if you wish to make money, you must pass a level, or tap on a moving PayPal icon while the game is ongoing.

Now, when you have clicked or tapped the PayPal icon, an ad will come up. At the end of the ad, your coins will roll to your PayPal icon which is located at the left top hand side of your smartphone.

How much can you withdraw from the Word Fuse Game?

To withdraw straight to your PayPal, you must have at least 300 dollars.

How long can you make up to $300

Within thirty minutes you have made up to $200 but the remaining $100 you will spend days watching different kinds of ads.

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The more time you spend playing the game, the more the earning reduces.

To tell you how frustrating the process can be, on some occasions you will need to watch like five ad videos before you can earn one cent.

Do they pay after you have reached the threshold?

After patiently waiting playing the game the game and getting to the threshold, they refused to pay me.

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