Why Trusting People is Completely Regretful

You see, I’ve often told people to stop trusting people. Not even your dad or your mom.

I think I’ve shared a bedtime story on how a boy jumped from a three-story building hoping that his father will catch him in the air.

If you have not read the story, I will strongly advise you head-on to read the story.

Trusting people should be the last and never to do things everyone should have at the back of their minds.

I know I might sound self-contradictory because I have made some posts regarding trust in relationships.

Irrespective of the fact that trust remains sacrosanct in a relationship, it is still advisable that you avoid trusting anyone.

If you don’t know how to do it, start learning it now.

If someone like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra can be betrayed by his blood brother, how much more lovers?

Honestly, trusting people should be the last thing you should ever think of in any relationship.

Why Trusting People is wrong

There is never smoke without fire. Of course, I have many reasons for saying that you must stop trusting people.

Among these many reasons, let me ponder on only one.

Dynamism of Humanity

Because man changes at all points in time, there is a great reason for him to change his mind on certain things.

Man changes and that allows him the opportunity to deviate from what you trusted him for.

I have seen a situation where an individual was brought up from a tremendous Christian family.

He was entrusted with the role of financial management complementing his family’s prestige.

Within one month of heading the financial department of that institution, the young man vanished with their money.

Till tomorrow, the institution is still looking for this young man.

Another story of when I was in Secondary school, a Reverend Sister was given the position of handling the school funds (bursar).

It will shock you to hear that the unexpected happened. The Reverend Sister ran away with the school fees of over four thousand students.

Each student paid 10k. Now multiply 10k by four thousand you will know what I am talking about.

PLEASE NOTE: I didn’t raise the issue of the Reverend Sister with any intention of demonizing the Catholic Church. It would also interest you to know that I am Catholic by birth and marriage.

We are talking about the issue of trusting people. You should and must avoid it.

People shouldn’t be trusted. Yes, you can give them mouthwatering positions in offices but not without supervision.

Even the most interesting aspect of the story is that the Holy Bible condemns us trusting people.

Who/What then can you Trust?

In my humble opinion and I believe to be the thoughts of everyone, trust God and God alone.

Trust in God is a sure possibility of you getting the result you need.

When you trust machines, they fail you on the way.

Okay, imagine this situation, a driver drove me along with some other passengers to our different communities.

He claimed he did a proper check-up on his car before bringing it out to start his daily taxi activities.

The car was in a sound condition not until we boarded the vehicle to our communities.

On getting to the middle of nowhere, the car stopped. The driver tried all he could, the car was not starting.

The driver had to stop another empty taxi and had us transferred. That’s how we were able to get to our destination after spending close to four hours trying to fix an unfixable car that was reported okay in the morning.

My whole point is that you should never trust anyone or anything, be it science, arts, etc. The only advisable Being to trust in God and God alone.

Trusting God shouldn’t be a difficult thing. What is important is if you can believe in Him and all that He can do. Develop a special relationship with Him and have your life full of great fulfilments.

All you need to know about what the Holy Scripture say about trusting people is embedded here.

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