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The travel Short story you are about reading is a true-life story of an NCE student, James Pearson.

James Pearson is a student of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education. He is in the department of political science and social studies.

James is the kind of student that loves to travel. He shared with us one of his travelling experiences from Owerri to Abuja the capital of Nigeria.

According to James Pearson, he said that on that very journey he wanted to see one of his uncles who invited him to spend the weekend with them in Abuja.

He got ready to travel to Abuja at his uncle’s invitation. On a Friday night, he got his things prepared.

It was the long-awaited Saturday morning and James was all set to find himself in Abuja.

At the car park, The Mass transport which was the motor platform he booked had already reserved a seat for him.

He, alongside other passengers, boarded the just arrived vehicle and headed straight to Abuja.

Of course, the journey from Owerri to Abuja is not a two hours journey.

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For more than five hours the vehicle was moving at a high speed to their location.

James Pearson noticed that their driver was nodding his head like someone who is answering the call of nature (sleep).

He thought to himself that if he forcefully woke the driver, the driver might out of subconsciousness drive them into the nearest bush.

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James gradually woke the dizzy driver and asked him to pull over.

Nobody understood what was going on. People thought that James wanted to ease himself, that’s why he asked the driver to pull over.

They were surprised to see both driver and James exchange seats.

James decided to drive the car while the main driver went to James’s seat and had himself a good time to sleep.

They got to Ore after another three hours drive as James Pearson their new driver.

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It was time for them to rest, so James pulled over at Ore and all the passengers came down to rest.

This was the time they all came to know why James took over from the driver.

They all praised God and thanked James for saving them from what would have been the end of their lives.

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The driver was back awake and fully agile to continue with the driving. He thanked James so much for saving all of them.

He narrated that he was just coming back from a far journey and since there was no available vehicle to carry them, the company beckoned him to drive them to Lagos.

“So it was because I drove all night without sleep from Lagos to Owerri that is why I fell asleep at the steering wheel. Am sorry” he apologized.

They continued with their journey and got to their destination safely.

That was how James became an emergency driver who saved the lives of over 16 passengers from what would have been a fatal accident.

The end….

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Travel Short Story of James Pearson Saving 16 Passengers