How to Make Title Templates in Premiere Pro

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Okay, let’s say you are wondering how you can make title templates in premiere pro. In this post, I’ve got you covered.

Premier pro has made movie editing a lot easier. As the days go by, new options are added and some of these options enable newbies to learn editing without struggle.

You will learn here the simple way to make title templates in Premiere Pro without hassle.

Let’s say you are working on a project that will be published in chunks (episodes) and you are tired of re-creating a particular title regularly.

Title templates in PR allow you to add the titles without going through the stress of rewriting an already written title.

So here we go.

How to make title templates in Premiere Pro

#1. Locate title

Locate the title icon

Go to the top left bar of Premiere Pro and locate the Title Option

#2. New title

How to Make Title Templates in Premiere Pro

After locating and clicking on the Title option, click “New title”

#3. Default Title/role/default crawl

How to Make Title Templates in Premiere Pro

Choose from the drop-down options the one you want to use be it default title, role or crawl.

#4. Rename your title

How to Make Title Templates in Premiere Pro

Rename your title and hit ‘OK’ to whatever you want. We will always recommend you rename it to something you can easily remember.

In our own case we are using JORDAN so we are renaming ours to Jordan.

#5. Enter your title

Enter your subtitles

This is where you write what you want to appear in your video. Feel free to create your title.

#6. Go to templates (Ctrl+j)

Go to Templates

Press Ctrl+j to show the template window or drag your cursor to the left-hand side where you will find a book-like icon having a ‘T‘ sign.

Two icons are having these signs, choose the one below.


Go to the drop-down menu represented with three lines at the right-hand side

Tap on the icon to open so that you can make your choice.

#7. Select “import Current Title as Template

Import title templates

After you have tapped the icon with three lines, select “Import Current Title as Template”

#8. Rename (if you like)

Rename your new t tep

Rename your title if you so desire.

#9. Select “Ok”

Click the okay button

After renaming, select ‘Ok’.

#10. Select “Ok” again

Hit the ‘OK’ button again and your template is good to go.

Congratulations, your new title template is created.

You can now use your new template in your next episode instead of passing through the stress of rewriting what you have previously written.

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