12 Beautiful things to do with your girlfriend

things to do with your girlfriend

Things to do with your girlfriend are enormous and if all is mentioned, I wonder if you will remember eating today.

When you aspire to do things with your girlfriend, you are aspiring for a better relationship and a long-lasting relationship.

It’s interesting to do things with your girlfriend. Things you do together helps to keep the memory of yourselves alive.

When you do things together, it goes a long way in fostering your relationship. Except when you are not interested in a long-lasting relationship, then you can forget about making her happy.

Any man who wishes to have a long-lasting relationship with his girlfriend must aspire to do those things that will keep his memory lively in her head.

Among the below 12 things you can do with your girlfriend, there are so many other things you can do with her.

If you truly love your girlfriend, then you must learn to learn more about what to do with her.

12 things to do with your girlfriend

  • Eat together: Have you ever thought of eating together? If not then you are missing a great deal. Try going over to her house with the food you prepared (not the one you bought from a restaurant).

It is more romantic when you bring the food that you prepared. It will make her feel safe and always wanting to have you around.

She will be proud of you and never will she see you as someone who will be a troublemaker when there is no food in the house.

  • Cook together: Cooking together also is one of the romantic things you can do with your girlfriend.

You are back from the market. Did you plan to allow her to enter the kitchen alone to cook the food? Oh common! Please join her in the kitchen.

Even though you don’t know what to do, just sit around her and keep her company.

Just be her errand boy. Get her what she requires for the cooking at all points in time.

  • Buy foodstuff together: Have you followed her before to the market to buy foodstuff? If not, then follow her next time she will be going to the market.

Allow her to do all the buyings and be a perfect gentleman by carrying the items she bought.

  • Read the same book: Pick up a book and read together. Don’t read two different books, just pick one book and the both of you should read that book together.

Allow her to fix her head on your shoulder or any part of your body where she can feel relaxed and read with you.

It’s true that people nowadays no longer read books. I did not fail to understand that. But if maybe, you found a good book like “Tears of the Python Queen” and you love reading, then invite her to read with you.

  • Dance together: Dancing with her is not a crime. She is your girlfriend and all the time she would aspire to do memorable things with you.

You may not be a good dancer, well understood but don’t be a fun spoiler. If she asks you to dance with her, just give her what she wants. Dance with her.

  • Sleep together: Sleeping together does not mean having sex with her.

Do you know that every moment you stay with your girlfriend counts? Lie down with her and hold her to yourself.

80 percent of ladies love a man who respects them. Everything shouldn’t be sex all the time. Sleeping with her without having sex with her makes her feel more secured around you.

Love is inexhaustible.

  • Watch the same movie: You are a football lover, yes I understand. If she is not, my brother, allow her to tune to the channel she loves.

Don’t go anywhere. Sit down and watch that movie with her. And ensure you play along even though you don’t truly like the movie she just tuned to.

  • Play games: Do you know that games can also be one of the things you can do with your girlfriend?

These games can be indoor or outdoor games, video games, chest, Bluetooth games etc.

Just try and play any kind of game with her. Please ensure that the game is not a boring type.

  • Sing with her: You are not much of a good singer, we know. To make it fun, you can enter your kitchen, pick up a spoon, hold it like you are holding a microphone and start singing for her.

When you have finished singing that bla bla bla, handover the spoon to her and let her sing her own also. Ensure you commend her voice (even though she has a bad voice…lol).

  • Picnic: Going for a picnic is one of the romantic things you can do with your girlfriend.

Find a beautiful but calm place and have a good time together with her.

  • Attend her church: My girlfriend on many occasions invited me to her church. I kept on turning her down on each invitation.

Things completely changed when she saw me in her church.

I am a Catholic and she is a Pentecostal. She saw me when the Pastor requested that new members in the church should stand up so that they could be officially welcomed by other members of the church.

I stood up and looked backwards to make sure my girlfriend saw me. She was surprised to have seen me in her church.

Do you know that things completely changed between us after I visited her church?

It was as if the love increased. Note; going to her church didn’t stop me from attending my church afterwards.

Just see it as something you just did for your girlfriend.

It shouldn’t stop you from attending your church.

  • Play together: One of the things you can do with your girlfriend is playing with her.

Like I said earlier, don’t be a spoiler. Always ensure that she is in a happy mood. Your girlfriend is like a child, treat her like one.

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