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I don't Support Texas Anti-Abortion Law - Texas Lady

A lady from Texas has shared a heart touching story of her. In the story, she narrated the reason why she doesn’t support the Texas anti-abortion law. To her, the anti-abortion law was absurd.

Governor Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, on Wednesday, signed into law an anti-abortion law of foetus more than six weeks old. That is to say, if, after conception, the mother no longer has the right to abort the child.

This Texas anti-abortion law signed by Gov Greg Abbott is punishable by death. That is to say, anyone involved in abortion after six weeks of conception, shall face a Death Penalty.

The narrator of this story shared this story via the Reddit social media platform. She said that she would have not existed if women had the right to abort their unborn or unwanted pregnancies.

Apart from the narrator of this story, many people from Texas have protested against the Texas anti-abortion law in the state.

Anti Abortion Laws that existed when her mother was still a child, prevented her parents from allowing her to abort me when I was still a foetus.

How the Texas Anti-Abortion Law Affected My Life

My mom was 11 years old when she conceived me. Her older brother’s sexual abuse of her got her pregnant. The law of the state of Texas prevented mothers or anyone to be involved in anything relating to abortion.

When her parents found out that her older brother was responsible for her pregnancy, they forced her into lying that she was impregnated by her classmate she was foolishly following around.


They hid her way from the public eye. They shamed her for getting pregnant and even denied her access to aborting me.

My mother was disabled after giving birth to me. Until this very day, my mother still walks around with the help of a cane due to the chronic pain she gets on her hips each time she wants to stand or do anything that would require her to bend down.

My mother’s parents adopted me and made me believe that my biological parents were my older siblings.

My mom was enrolled in a boarding school but during breaks, she is always forced to live in the same household her abuser lives in. She left home after she turned 18 years old.

I came to find out a year ago. That is on my 18th birthday. Things began to make sense to me. I have come to realise why my mother whom they presented as my older sister avoided me. She barely looked at me growing up. It was like I was a huge mistake. All this while I never knew about it until after last year.

The truth is that I was born into a family with a shameful secret. Well, unlike my mother, I could process the hearing of the real truth. My mother was abused when she was 11 and of course, she was greatly traumatised. I heard about it when I turned 18. At least, I can process it and make my decision at this very age.

Though my family never treated me differently unlike some other children that would be sent to childcare services.

My biological mom and I had great solid relationships and though we sometimes get reminded of the past.

The Texas anti-abortion law should be reviewed

Many children suffered the same thing my mother suffered. People should be allowed to make their own decisions because it is their body and not the government.

If the government permitted my grandparents then when I was conceived, I would not exist today.

Even though I am still alive and happy that I am alive, I still do not support the Texas anti-abortion law.

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