How to Remove Green Screen in Premiere Pro

To remove green screen in premiere pro CC (Pr) shouldn’t be a difficult task. It is one of the simplest things to do if you know your way around Pr.

Okay, let us assume that you are new to Premiere Pro and don’t know how to remove a green screen.

A green screen or green background is a material used to decorate a video shooting setting (background).

That is to say, in this kind of setting (background), the background is completely decorated with green.

The essence of a green background is to make such a scene transparent so that other materials can be visible in the same scene.

Let us take, for example, you want to shoot a video of you dancing on a mountain. That is to say, you want to see yourself dancing on top of a mountain.

You want a video shoot where you are at the top of a mountain. Even without going to where the mountain is located, you can shoot the scene at the comfort of your home and see yourself on top of the mountain.

Now, this is where the green screen or green background comes in.

To bring the mountain to where you are and not going to meet the mountain, you will need a green background.

Shoot a green background video

Cloth or cover your background completely with a green linen or any greenish material.

Ensure that all parts appearing in the camera are green and nothing but green.

You can add other materials you wish to use before and NOT after the green screen. That is to say if you want materials like chairs, stones, etc to appear in the video, ensure they are visible in their real nature and the green screen should be acting as their background.


Film yourself or whatever you want to film. Don’t forget that the green screen must serve as your background while all actions are taking place.

In this short concise tutorial, we shall be learning the simple way to remove a green screen background in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to Remove A Green Background in Premiere Pro

  1. Import your videos and your preferred background.
  2. Drag and drop videos on the editing timeline. Go to Effects.
  3. Search for Ultra Key.
  4. Drag and drop Ultra Key effect on the video with the green screen background.
  5. Select the colour picker (✒️) and pick the green background of your video. The background of your video will turn black. This means that you have successfully removed the green background.
  6. Place your major background below the video with the already removed green screen.

That is it, you have successfully removed a green background from your video and changed it to your desired background.

Do you still have difficulties solving this problem? Feel free to watch this video for a better understanding.

Best of luck.

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