How I Printed Jamb Admission Letter After 1 year plus - Mezie

A student of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education has shared his story of how he later printed his Jamb Admission Letter after many months of denying him access.

Mezie Chidalu a Post NCE student in the department of ED/Social Studies said that his Jamb Admission Letter was retrieved after many months of waiting.

He said he got admitted into Alvan to study social studies. Because no money was available then, he was unable to print the admission letter.

Convinced that he is admitted into the school as his name appeared on the admission list, Mezie decided to start lectures just like the others.

He planned to continue studying until he found money to be able to do the compulsory brown file collection.

According to the school management, no student can have the brown file until he/she pays his acceptance fees.

Mezie continued schooling until he got the money for his acceptance fees.

After making his payments, he went to the appropriate quarters where he finally got the brown file.

Among the contents of the brown file was a Jamb Admission Letter.

The file must be returned to the school Admission Unit when all documents including the Jamb Admission Letter are attached.

According to Mezie, he went straight to the school’s ICT so that he can have his letter printed out.

After making the required payment as required by Jamb, Mezie was unable to print the admission letter.

They told him that he was unable to accept the admission when it was sent to his email.

Mezie swore never to have seen any email. There at Alvan Ikoku ICT, they told him that nothing could be done about it.

They told him that it was too late to accept the admission since the portal for their set (2019) was closed.

The whole story got Mezie emotionally troubled.

How can he forfeit a whole one year of study and wait for another year’s Jamb registration?

Mezie started taking the necessary steps to see how he can get access to his Jamb Admission Letter.

All the Cyber Cafe he approached told him the same thing Alvan ICT staff told him.

He was advised to go to the Jamb office at Owerri to lay this complaint to them.

Without wasting any time Mezie went to Jamb’s branch in Owerri and laid his complaint to them.


They asked him to return by the next year (2021) so that by then, the portal for his set might have reopened. They equally informed him not to quit his lectures.

This gave him a slim calm. At least directly from the Jamb office, they have told him that there is a possibility of solving the issue.

Mezie continued schooling until 2021. He went back to the Jamb office and they told him to return by 2022.

2022 is the year he will be graduating and by then, Jamb will open the portal for those of them that got admission in 2019.

It was as if they were playing games with him (he thought to himself). Mezie still accepted the advice from the Jamb personnel and went home.

A few months later, one of his coursemates who also had the same issue was holding her jamb admission letter.

Mezie enquired how she came about her Jamb Admission Letter and she said that she just got it printed.

This young lady had the same problem with Mezie and how she was able to get hers before 2022 as advised by Jamb made him conclude that it could be fake.

Mezie decided not to bother checking his Jamb Caps until 2022.

Another thought came to him advising him to visit the Jamb office again. He concluded on visiting the Jamb office when he had the money to.

During one of the IPOB’s sit at home orders which was later counselled, Mezie visited a cyber cafe (Swintec). Swintec is found around Ware House in Owerri capital city.

Though he went there for another work still relating to the internet. When he asked about the Jamb Admission Letter related issue, they told him that it was possible to solve the admission letter problem instantly.


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They asked for his Jamb Caps login details and he provided them. They located his messages section and found out that Jamb sent him an admission letter in 2019 which he has not accepted.

They accepted the message and printed out the admission letter for him.

After a long month of waiting, he finally got his admission letter.

Why is a Jamb Admission Letter Important?

  • It is important because, through Jamb, you can be admitted into a higher institution.
  • Without a Jamb Admission Letter, you can’t go for youth service.
  • Without it, your stay in school is completely useless.
  • It is one of the things that prove you are a student in any higher institution in Nigeria.

When Should I Print My Jamb Letter

  • When you see such a message in your Jamb Caps.
  • If you have gained admission.

How to know when Jamb have given you admission

  • Regularly check your email.
  • Don’t depend on your email. Regularly check your Jamb Caps.
  • Visit your school of choice when a new admission list is published and confirm if you are admitted.

Should I wait for a long time before printing my admission letter?

Just like the case of Mezie, I will strongly advise that you don’t wait. Whenever the message of admission is seen, kindly accept it immediately so that you can have access to your Jamb Admission Letter any time any day anywhere.

What Happens if I don’t accept Jamb Admission Letter

Now let me put something straight. The story of Mezie later accepting his Jamb Admission Letter is a true live story. Though it can be risky to want to follow the steps of Mezie.

RECOMMENDED: How to Accept/Reject Jamb Admission

No one knows if there could be changes in Jamb policies. A good example is the issue of Jamb surrendering cut off marks to schools to decide.

There could be possible changes. So don’t wait long before printing out your Jamb Admission Letter.

Whenever it arrives, accept the admission and get your letter printed. Don’t also forget to make photocopies in case the need arises.

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