No One Loves me (Voice of a Jealous Mind)

No one loves me is the short story of a young girl who became jealous because she thought her parents loved her little sister more than they love her.

No one loves me

My little sister was born and it was as if all the love my parents had for me were transferred to her.

There is nothing that I do that interests them any longer. I concluded that no one loves me.

Theresa is my little sister and doubles as the last child of the family. I used to think that I am and will remain the only child of my parents.

Well, as God may have it, they finally had my little sister. Though my mom told me that according to their family planning, they agreed to have only one child.

No one can question God why He gave them another child. If I must be frank, I was never happy when I heard that my mom was pregnant.

They laughed at me when I told them to get rid of the pregnancy. On many occasions, I tried forcing my mom to have a miscarriage or abort the child.

I am not ready to share my parents’ love with anyone. Allowing this new individual to come and snatch the love my parents have for me won’t be accepted by me.

Finally, my greatest rival was born. Just like I feared, my parents shifted their love for me to her. No one loves me anymore in the house.

There is nothing that I do that is fine with them. My little sister grows and that love my parents had for her kept on growing while mine continues to diminish regularly.

“I must win back their love”, I said to myself.

No one loves me, it’s time to change that narrative

My little sister was 5 years old and I was 10. I can’t imagine myself regarding her as my sister.

Since she came into the family, no one loves me anymore. And I must strive to win back that love.

On one Saturday morning, my parents left her under my care. They were going to a wedding and we couldn’t follow them due to reasons best known to them.

This was that opportunity I have been waiting for. They left and I lured her to the swimming pool.

I know full well that she can’t swim so I wanted her to drown so that I can have my parents all to myself.

My little sister jumped into the water and started struggling to breathe. My father shouted from behind me and quickly dived into the swimming pool to rescue my drowning little sister.

I think they forgot something that was why they returned. My little sister was lucky my parents returned at the exact time she needed them most.

In tears, I began to explain to my parents the reasons for my age-long anger. All these years ever since my little sister was born I have never been happy with them or with her.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy for me those years to realise that no one loves me because of my little sister.

My parents took me to a therapist who spoke a lot of sense to me.

Drawing close to the Conclusion

Hey, you may be thinking that I was being wicked. Let me put it clear to you, It is not wickedness. It is childish on my side and an act of carelessness from my parents’ side.

A child doesn’t believe that he is wicked whenever he does anything. To him, what he did was right. It is only left for an adult to put him through.

In the case of my parents, they never wanted to know what my problem was. All they cared about was their business and my little sister.

They never gave me any attention. They thought that I was big enough to take care of my problems.

Honestly, I regretted my actions when I started attaining adolescence.

The bottom line of the whole story is that parents should stop making their children feel not loved. Give equal treatment to all your children no matter their sex, colour, age and what have you.

My parents’ special treatment for my little sister would have made me lose my one and only sibling and make them also lose a child which was a result of their carelessness.

You might end up criticising me but still want you to understand that all these happened when I was still a child.

DISCLAIMER: This story is entirely fictional. It is narrated just to notify parents, teachers, guardians etc that they need to see to the needs of all children they are taking care of.

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