BBNaija: Nini and Cross fight Over Bathroom

Nini and Cross fight over bathroom related issues and she called him a useless fool.

Nini and Cross Bathroom fight and she is consoled

Things seem not to be the same at the big brother Naija house.

The beauty Nini who is so loved by her teaming fans blasted Cross. The fight between Nini and Cross is a result of her being unable to clean the bathroom.

Cross said that it was unwise for someone to finish using the bathroom and leaving it unclean.

In his explanation, he told Whitemoney who emerged as the leader of the house that after cleaning the bathroom, Nini messed it up.

Cross was given the job of cleaning the bathroom as it is a routine in the Big Brother Naija house.

As usual, the head of the house would always inspect the activities of the people given different jobs in the house.

Cross explained to Whitemoney that after he finished cleaning the bathroom, Nini went in and messed it up.

When he tried to approach her so that she could go and make amends for what she had done, she fumed.

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Nini was seen calling Cross all manner of despicable names like; mother*Rucker, useless fool and many more.

Though, viewers of the Live TV show have gone ahead to condemn Nini and her irrational behaviour.

According to some on Twitter, it was wrong to act the way she did. It is wrong too after using a clean restroom, misuse it only to make others lose interest in making use of it.

During the fight between Nini and Cross, other housemates were around to stop what might have resulted in a catastrophe.

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